First Governor Jerry Brown fraudulently denies CAPT. Hashim M. Bomani of his parental rights and continues to hold CAPT. Hashim Bomani’s children hostage. Then Governor Jerry Brown and his minions at the Los Angeles County Probation Department and the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department engage in collusion and use fraudulent accounting schemes in order to place a fraudulent child support obligation upon CAPT. Hashim Bomani’s person. Now Governor Jerry Brown has surely initiated an act of war, by placing an embargo on CAPT. Hashim M. Bomani by revoking his California Drivers License.

When asked how do you feel about the U.S. Government turning its back on U.S. Soldiers such as yourself? CAPT. Hashim M. Bomani had this to say, “To ask how I feel implies that there is an emotional connection with these issues. Let’s just say, I take my oath and my training as a United States Soldier serious, and I will engage any enemy, at any time, on any terrain. Governor Jerry Brown intends to tactically isolate and restrict my movements on this planet, I counter with OPERATION MALIGNANT, in that, Governor Brown, check that blemish on your nose, you should have an itch. You see, Governor Jerry Brown, like all politicians sit in their hyper-delusional bubble of a world and attempt to pull the strings on those us at the lower echelon of society, but the fact of the matter is, they cannot escape the Space Time Continuum…YOUR MOVE GOVERNOR”.

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