CHRISTOPHER DORNEREcho-1… ECHO-1… This is Bravo-Elite… requesting Permission to transmit report…

Bravo-Elite… This ECHO-1… Go with your transmission…

Roger that ECHO-1…

Be advised ECHO-1… Operation Scared Chicken and Operation No Mercy are causing extreme havoc on the Mental Faculties of enemy forces. In that, these clowns are desperately trying to dig up and pay homage to the remains of dead U.S. Military Personnel… The United Nations voted unanimously to tighten the noose around the North Korean People… Bunker Bitches like Lindsey Graham and John McCain have been observed in the Well of Congress engaging in Hysterical-Bitch-Ass Saber Rattling and making Sissified Frantic Idol Threats to “Kill” anyone who sides with America’s so-called, “Enemies”.

BITCH ASS FAGGOTSBUNKER BITCHESBe advised ECHO-1… Vatican Elites, Pedophile Priests and/or Undercover Paupers are preparing to resurrect another Chief Master Exorciser on 12-MAR-2013… Bravo-Elite is requesting White Smoke Disrupters and Relentless Pantheism Protocol Strikes at coordinates (N41°54’14.2992″, E12°27’11.757″)

NO HOPE FOR A POPEPOPE SMOKEVATICAN STRIKEBe advised ECHO-1… Masonic Orders are desperately attempting to raise their Esoteric Frequency by sacrificing and/or containing so-called, “Enemy Combatants” and/or CIA Created Al-Qaeda Operatives (i.e. Sulaiman Abu Ghaith) in-side of their corrupt Masonic Square.

CORRUPT MASONIC SQUAREBe advised ECHO-1… Caucasoid-Reptilians have deployed their Slave and/or Magic Toy Negro Guessyjesse jackson sr Jesse Jackson in hopes of buying time for the Caucasoid-Zionist-Reptilian-Apex-Predator’s in America and their Allies around the World… Bravo-Elite is recommending Cardiac Arrest for Guessy Jesse’s Chest… Be advised ECHO-1… Faggot-Ass-Zionist-Jew Clive Davis has admitted his desire to have another man stick his dick up his rectum, which is designated for waste excretion… Tactical Assault and Retribution Protocols will be executed with Zero-Hesitation and Extreme Prejudice… Telepathic Strikes on Targets Identified as: [Kissinger, Osborn and Bieber] as well as Shark Protocols at Coordinates (N27°40’1.2″, W81°30’56.5194″) were loud and clear… NO MERCY ECHO-1!

CLIVE DAVISKISSINGEROSBORNBEIBER SICKBe advised ECHO-1… Bravo-Elite is requesting that all Pantheism Protocol Strikes be increased and maintained at the following coordinates (N38°24’32.3994″, W97°37’19.1994″)…

SEVERE WEATHER IN USBe advised ECHO-1… Bravo-elite is requesting that North Korea and Iran be granted Nuclear Capability within the next 90 days… Furthermore, Bravo-elite requests Elite Battle Teams: HOCHIMINHDJINN, SAMURAIZEDONG, KAMIKAZE be brought on-line and activated in preparation for Nuclear War with America…

SAMURAIZEDONG POST HOCHIMINHDJINN POST KAMIKAZE POSTBe advised ECHO-1… We are requesting trajectory change to November-Echo-Oscar-Duce-Zero-One-TREE…

Be advised ECHO-1…All Protocol and Tactical Teams stand-ready for full impact if necessary…

NEO-2013LILITH POSTLet it be known ECHO-1…Bravo-Elite will cut your name in… Nothing Else Follows… Bravo-Elite…Out


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