The Gentleman you see above is Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad, a High Yellow Uncle Tom Negro, Card Carrying Hair Club for Men, Rogaine Reject and/or so-called, “Student Minister” and/or Flunky for the very soon to be defunct, Nation of Islam.ISHMAEL MUHAMMAD

During a visit to Mosque Maryam on the South side of Chicago, locate in the vicinity of GEO-Decimal Coordinates: 41.8054641,-87.6087638, I happened to hear Mr. Ishmael Muhammad say the most outlandish Bull-Shit that, even a Non-thinking individual would commit a single brain synapse to even fathom the transmission of such a Retarded Frequency Vibratory Cognition. In that, Mr. Ishmael Muhammad said something to the effect that, “You never find a bird in the welfare worm line; you never find a bird protesting and/or begging the ground and/or the higher echelon birds in the United States of Bird-America for better Bird Housing, more quality worms and/or jobs that make it easier for the bird to secure more worms”. This shit is hilarious, and you cannot come anywhere near to this kind of Intellectual Suicide if you were a Gimp with $99 Billion in route to a 90 day retreat in Los(t) Vegas.

bird with wormInterestingly, Mr. Ishmael Muhammad conveniently withheld, concealed and/or omitted very pertinent scenarios from his “Bird and Worm Analogy”. Hence, Mr. Ishmael Muhammad failed to mention, to an audience of approximately 22 religious zealots, the fact that you do not find Automaton Bird Zealots faithfully showing up at a Bird Religious Sect and/or Mosque blindly donating its hard-earned worms to a self-proclaimed Divine Bird and/or Messenger of the Great Almighty Invisible Bird Deity somewhere in the Sky, as the Bird waits patiently to die. Moreover, you do not see any birds listening tbird fighto the same old Redundant Religious Bull-Shit and/or Pipe Dream Extravaganza about a fairy tale about a Bird Utopia where “Little Black Birds and Little White Birds, Jew Birds and Gentile Birds will hold wings and chirp that old Bird-Coon Spiritual, “FREE AT LAST… FREE AT LAST…THANK THE MOST-HIGH BIRD DEITY… WE ARE FREE AT LAST”. Oh, and let us not forget the fact that when another bird encroaches upon the birds right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that the bird takes up arms and defends its right to exist and establish dominion and territory on and/or in the Birds Planet. Now what exactly do we have here, well what you are witnessing is simply more Double Talk and/or Rhetorical Bull-Shit oozing from the remaining residual flunkies at the Nation of Islam. Moreover, the mere fact that Mr. Ishmael Muhammad put little thought into his analogy, which speak volumes to the fact that in past space-time continuums the Nation of Islam proved to be a vibrant and relevant organization. However, conclusive evidence such as: weak and/or poor guest turnout, dwindling and/or revolving door membership rolls; Mosques being forced to Consolidate and/or Simply Closing Down due to insufficient charitable contributions; Significant Demographic shifts in neighborhoods and/or communities that were once dominated by so-called, “Black People” no longer have a viable Black Populous to which the Nation of Islam and its rhetoric is designed for; Struggles to maintain its 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Status; Punk Ass Ministers like Wesley Muhammad apologizing, consoling and stroking the Nation of Islam’s Zionist-Caucasoid Slave Masters and/or Script Writers over “War Like Rhetoric” at the Mosque Maryam Rostrum; Farrakhan’s retreat to a bunker and being relegated to a weakly broadcast where he regurgitates and/or reminisces about past events and/or so-called “Governmental Mistreatment of the so-called, “Original Asiatic Black Population”, and/or the so-called, “ Original Asiatic Black Man, the Owner, the Maker, the Cream of the Planet Earth, so-called, God of the Universe”. Hence, the aforementioned evidence categorically affirms that the Nation of Islam is beginning to dissolve and/or fade to black right before our eyes.

Think about it, the same reason the Zionist-Hollywood Film Industry is losing market share due to the lack of original creative products (i.e. Desperate attempts to rekindle American Icons like Superman), so to is the Nation of Islam losing it street credibility, simply because the Nation of Islam is desperately attempting to rekindle that same old, Out Dated, Run of the Mill, Redundant and Irrelevant Cookie Cutter Bull-Shit that holds no significant weight in the current space-time continuum.

Now allow me to drive home and prove the fact that the Nation of Islam is nothing more than an Opportunistic Pimp Organization that cares no more about so-called “Black People” then it does for StupFARRAKHAN AND SUPERHEADid Ass FOI Negro’s who stand in 95 Degree weather selling Nation of Islam Easter Baskets, Farrakhan Chickletts and the Final Call Propaganda Newspaper. Hence, the female Louis Farrakhan is skinning and grinning with in this photo is non-other than one of the best Oral Copulator’s (i.e. Dick Suckers) in the Black Porn Industry known as, “SUPERHEAD”. Notice Louis Farrakhan and his opportunistic Sambo Smile. Really, you cannot make this shit up, in the illustrious words of Mr. David Carroll, “the Nation of Islam and their so-called Divine Leader Louis “The Pimp” Farrakhan is a Mother-F%cking Joke”. QUESTION: With Chicago now labeled the #1 Murder Capitol of the world, and 5000 Black People being Murdered on the South side of Chicago right outside of Mosque Maryam’s and Louis Farrakhan’s door step, can the Black People affirmatively exclaim that the Bull-Shit Nation of Islam and its so-called, “Leadership” is successful at raising the dead, or can we conclude that the Nation of Islam is in bed with the Government of the United Snakes (i.e. The CIA, The FBI and The NSA) to carry out a mass extermination plot on the Dark Skinned Black Male Population?

Message to Bitch Ass Ishmael Muhammad: Sit your Punk Ass down and shut the F%ck up until you acquire the necessary Anticipatory Skill-Sets and/or Situational Awareness needed to even be considered a so-called, “Leader”.

Holy F%cking Shit and God-F%cking Damn,

It is a Great F%cking Day to be Alive!

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