American’s are calling for “GUN CONTROL” as they try to grapple with what caused an individual like Adam Lanza to indiscriminately kill to the magnitude seen at Sandy Hook Elementary. However, no Social-Scientist will dare explore the Psychological Dynamics surrounding the creation of the Gun. Hell, even Dr. Drew, the preeminent American Social Scientist and/or “Quackologist” will not give the psychological reasoning behind the creation of Guns and/or Killing Projectiles.

So I guess I will explain “The GUN”. One must understand that, when the Caucasoid-Reptilian emerged from the Ice-Box in Europe and/or the Caucus Mountains and began to explore the Planet he found that the Planet was filled with Melanated Humanoid’s, and these Melanated Humanoid’s particularly the Black Male shot genetic material from his penis that posed a threat to the Caucasoid-Reptilian’s pure Blood-Line, and/or what Dr. Frances Cress Welsing calls, White Genetic Survival. Therefore, to counter and neutralize the Black Males Genetic Superiority, and preserve the White Man’s Pure Blood-Line the Caucasoid-Reptilian created what is called the “Great Equalizer” or better know as the “GUN” and/or deadly Penis Projectile.

There you have it, the Psychological Reasoning behind the creation of the “GUN.” And that is why “GUN CONTROL” is a farce, and will never happen, unless of course all Caucasoid-Reptilian Males are rounded up and euthanized.

Oh, will someone ask Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil some real questions, like why they never provide the Psychological Rational for Obama’s Predator Drones Strikes and America’s Insaciable Blood Lusting Psychopathic Predisposition for NASCAR and War?

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