Come on, are we really buying this? Ice Cube and Michael Eric Dyson are going to tell a Caucasoid JEW what he can and cannot say? Really! Bill Maher is probably one of Ice Cube’s and/or Michael Eric Dyson’s Accountants, or Bill Maher at least has friends who cover down as Ice Cube’s and Michael Eric Dyson’s Jewish Accountants.

Notice if you will, as Dire Economic Realties begin laying claim to the American Humanoid Population, we see a dramatic increase in the promotion of Fantasy Theme Parks like Disneyland and/or California Adventure. It’s as though the Opportunistic Spirit of Walt Disney can feel the pain of America’s Economic Woes.

But that is not our topic today, our topic today consists of understanding why these so-called “Gangster Rappers’ are beginning to panic. Let us examine.

No Rapper, old and/or new, on this Planet can come anywhere near to competing with this Elvis Presley Michael Jackson concoction known as Justin Bieber. Moreover, no so-called “Gangster Rapper”, old and/or new, will even dear challenge this Caucasoid-Reptilian-Deity called, The Bieber. What thinking People want to know is, who and/or what Caucasoid-Reptilian-Music-Executive issued the memo, telling all the so-called, “Gangster Rappers” to stand-down when it come to this Bitch-Ass-Caucasoid-Reptile-Deity, Justin Bieber? Clearly, Justin Bieber is off-limits, and these so-called “Gangster Rappers” are in total compliance.

Hence, Soft-Ass Rappers like Ice Cube, Ice-T, Lil Wayne, 50-Cent, Dr. Dre, Kanye West and Snoop Doggy Dog cannot take a shit without consulting with their Caucasoid-Accountants and/or Shareholders.

Case in point, currently we see these Bitch Ass so-called “Gangster Rappers” diligently following the IRS Shake-Down of R-Kelly. Not only is this one of the reasons these so-called “Gangster Rappers” are crawling out from under their rocks, but they are suspiciously quiet and/or on Hush-Mode while they await Mr. R-Kelly’s fate. Hence The R. Kelly IRS Shake-down is nothing more than the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator’s way of sending a powerful message to these so-called “Gangster Rappers”, and also putting all these so-called “Gangster Rappers”, old and/or new, as well as the Black Entertainment Industry on notice. And that notice is, that none of you Black Entertainers are to even Hick-Up in the direction of making any Major Business and/or Career Altering Decisions without consulting with your Caucasoid-Reptilian Accountant(s), and/or those Caucasoid-Reptiles who manage your money. Now they are on R-Kelly for allegedly holding females hostage. Funny how these Clowns look the other way and bite their tongues when a Caucasian like Warren Jeffs holds females hostage.


Notice if you will, that so-called “Gangster Rapper” 50-Cent showed up in Court on behalf of Floyd Mayweather, as though the presence of 50 Cent was going to influence the decision of the Caucasoid-Controlled-Judicial-System to grant Floyd, House Arrest. Hell, 50-Cent is so “Gangster” that he was allowed to interview with Oprah-Mima, who by the way, is desperately trying to boost her ratings in-order to keep her Caucasoid-Reptilian Shareholders from losing money due to dismal ratings by the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN.) Moreover, so-called “Gangster Rapper” 50-Cent was also allowed to go on the Piers Morgan Show. The question is, who and/or what did 50-Cent have to stick up his ass, to get this kind of notoriety? Clearly, 50-Cent is being groomed by his Caucasoid-Reptilian-Owners. Therefore, what exactly is 50-Cent being groomed for?

You see, these so-called “Gangster Rappers” should know by now that, when the Caucasoid’s Economic Situation turns dire and/or bleak, these so-called “Gangster Rappers” become primary Gold-Mines and/or Economic Reservoirs ready and ripe to be tapped when the Caucasoid-Reptile-Apex-Predator needs to sure-up his Economic Situation. Think about it, there is no way in Hell, that Caucasoid-Reptilian’s are going to face massive foreclosures and reach the brink of starvation and at the same time allow these so-called “Gangster Rappers” a smooth glide path through America’s Economic Turmoil.

Yo! Ice Cube, Ice-T, Lil Wayne, 50-Cent, Kanye West, Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dog; You can cast your vote for Bitch Ass Obama; You can tuck your tails and run to the Nation of Islam and/or the Church of Scientology; You can suck as much Caucasoid-Reptilian-Dick as you can stand; You can try to jump aboard Jay-Z’z and P-Diddy’s Super Yacht; You can bow-down and kiss Queen Elizabeth’s royal monarch ass, and let those toy soldiers Prince Harry and Prince William Tea-Bag you bitches into the hereafter, but the same way this Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator is about to vehemently sodomize and/or devour Mr. R-Kelly’s financial rectum, is the same way this Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator intends to ferociously sodomize and rape all of you Bitch Ass, so-called “Gangster Rappers”. Funny, you Bitches actually thought your Lavish-Life-Style of “BLING-BLING” would never end. Think again because while you were popping $8,000.00 Champagne Bottles and Making It Rain at the strip club, your Caucasoid-Slave-Master was planning and plotting to confiscate your wealth. The sad part about it is, you have been here before. Ah, did somebody say, Red Foxx, Sinbad, MC Hammer, O.J. Simpson, TLC, Motown, Michael Jackson, Dennis Rodman, Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Melba Moore, Terrell Owens and/or Wesley Snipes?

BREAKING NEWS YOU STUPID MOTHER-F%CKERS: Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant’s so-called ex-wife is selling one of Kobe’s mansions. Vanessa Bryant will make a $1 MILLION PROFIT when the mansion is sold. Be advised, Kobe Bryant is being liquidated, we will soon see Kobe Bryant and Bitch Ass Rappers walking their Punk Asses to Skid-Row in a few more days. However, in reality, Vanessa will clear a smooth $3 MILLION PROFIT when she sales and/or liquidates Kobe Bryant’s mansion because it was Kobe Bryant who ran up-and-down the Basketball Court putting a Big-Brown-Ball in a Hoop-Drapped-With-A-White-Net, in order to appease his NBA Plantation Owners who inturn gave their Slave Kobe Bryant the money to purchase the Mansion that Vanessa is selling without any in-put from Bitch Ass Kobe Bryant. Think about it, Vanessa Bryant has never worked a day since DUMB ASS Kobe Bryant married her without a pre-nuptial agreement. STUPID MOTHER-F%CKER!

Stupid Mother-F%ckers, instead of wasting your God-Damn money on stupid shit, you should have built an Army to protect your God-Damn money. Oops, you STUPID-MOTHER-F%CKERS have Caucasoid-Accountants controlling the money your Slave Master gave you. Like I said, “STUPID MOTHER-F%CKERS”. So be advised, this Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator is coming to liquidate you Dumb Mother-F%ckers, and he intends to use every IRS and/or Legal Statue on his Judicial Books to take every dime of his money back from you Dumb-Mother-F%ckers, and there is not a God-Damn thing you can do about it. Go ahead, ask your Daddy, Louis Farrakhan, even he is having trouble maintaining the Nation of Islam’s 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Status, why do you think he is desperately trying to merge the Nation of Islam with The Church of Scientology. So check your finances because this Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator has already factored in exactly how he will use the money he gave you to sure-up his economy and/or his System of White Supremacy.


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