According to Farrakhan, his so-called “Natural Enemy” was given “only (1) One Books of Supreme Mathematics.” Farrakhan, further postulates that “there are 59,999 Books of Supreme Mathematics that Farrakhan’s so-called “Natural Enemy” are not privy to.” 

Funny, the Nation of Islam has been in operation for approximately 90-years, and judging from the current condition the so-called “Black Community” is in, no progress has been made. As illustrated from, ALL TALK AND DO NOTHING, Nation of Islam so-called “Minister” Ishmael Muhammad’s address at Mosque Maryam on May 6, 2018…


Think about it, Farrakhan’s co-called “Natural Enemy” with his so-called “(1) One Book of Supreme Mathematics” is on his way to colonizing Mars. Mars, a place where Farrakhan’s so-called “Christ/Messenger/Teacher/Guide” said 7 to 11 Foot Tall Black Humanoids live.

But what takes the cake and is extremely interesting, is how Louis Farrakhan is supposedly the so-called “DIVINE WARNER FROM GOD”. Yet it appears Louis Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam are not authorized to access even Book (2) Two of the so-called “59,999 Books of Supreme Mathematical Wisdom. Surely, you would think, that with “59,999 Books of Supreme Mathematical Wisdom” The Nation of Islam’s Clairvoyance Barometer would be off the F%cking charts:

Not to mention the fact that if Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam had access to “59,999 Books of Supreme Mathematics,” they would have easily made Profound Positive Changes in the condition of so-called “Black People and/or The Children of Israel.” Hence, the following Videos prove, Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, that Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam have never had access to even a “Nanobyte” of the so-called “59,999 Books of Supreme Mathematics.”  Think about it, Farrakhan never seen these events coming (i.e. NO CLAIRVOYANCE), nor does Farrakhan possess the Proactive Planning Skills (i.e. NO ANTICIPATORY SKILLS) to prevent these events from happening in the future.” Mind you, The Nation of Islam has been on scene for approximately 90-years and “Black Peoples Condition” has gotten worse.

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