One must read Frederick Douglass, particularly what slaves did during Christmas. Have you ever wondered how the Demon-rat Plantation Owners maintains power and dominion over NFL SUPER-SLAVES? Simple, the NFL SUPER-SLAVE is Genetically Superior and Intellectually Inferior. Hence, the Demon-rat Plantation Owners manipulates the Black Man’s KUNDALINI ENERGY. In that, the Black Man’s KUNDALINI ENERGY is extracted and fed back to the Universe, thus allowing the Demon-rat Plantation’s to remain in power and continue to exercise dominion over the Planet and his NFL SUPER-SLAVES, see formula below

When the NFL Super-Slave enters the Demon-rat Plantation’s Kundalini Combustion Chamber he is relinquishing his Kundalini Energy to the Demon-rat Plantation when the NFL Super-Slave enters the Demon-rat Plantation’s NFL Plantation where the NFL Super-Slaves focus their melanin secretions known as: Testosterone, and norepinephrine (adrenaline) as they violently and ferociously propel themselves into each other. Thus, the NFL Super-Slave releases his Kundalini Energy in the Demon-rat Plantation’s Kundalini combustion Chamber and/or Contraption known as a Stadium and/or Arena. The Demon-rat Plantation Owners then transmit the NFL Super-Slaves Kundalini Energy back to the Universe, and this transmission keeps the Universal laws of Pantheism and/or Divine Retribution confused and discombobulated, thus, delaying the total and absolute destruction of the Demon-rat Plantation’s Vice-grip and control over the Planet and its Modern Day Slave. But wait, it gets deeper…

One cannot escape the many sexual connotations being played out in the game of Football. The oblong shaped football is designed as a double-sided female breast, which is hiked through the Centers legs to the Quarterback who is in a Doggy Style position behind the Center grunting cadences that place the Big Brown Ball or LOAD OF SHIT in motion. The game of Football is also reminiscent of a Plantation Frame of Reference, in that, the game is owned and controlled by Financially Powerful Demon-rat Plantation Slave Masters, who use Big Black Men (Bucks and/or Super Slaves) to entertain and amuse the Mainstream Demon-rat Plantation. It should also be noted that, the NFL is so violent and/or brutal on the Player’s body that the average playing career for NFL Players is (3) three years. However, the NFL is particularly, violent on Black Players because Black Players are competing for, what Malcolm X would have called, “A position on the Demon-rat Plantation’”. Many Black NFL Players lack the intellectual acumen and/or budgetary skill-sets in order to contemplate and/or prepare for a future beyond their NFL careers. And that is why many NFL players, particularly, Black NFL Players find themselves bankrupt and/or destitute once they can no-long perform on that Rectangular Plantation and/or field known as The Grid-Iron. One must over-and-under-stand, that the Demon-rat Plantation is Hard-Wired, Pre-Disposed and/or dedicated to insuring the preservation and maintenance of “The Demon-rat Plantation”. In that, since the Black Male possesses the greatest threat to “ The Demon-rat Plantation”, the Demon-rat Plantation’s Brain Computer must set in motion the conscious and unconscious control and/or neutralization of the Black Male Threat (i.e. Sperm or Black Male Genetic Material). It is so obvious to see the racially charged components in the game of Football, in that, one can observe the overarching theme of Demon-rat Racist vs. The Big Black Super Slave being played out in the game of Football. Hence, every game puts White Jerseys against Dark Jerseys, while the big, burly and physically powerful NFL Slaves fight ferociously with each other to get that Big Brown Ball (i.e. Load of Shit, Sperm and/or Black Genetic Material) across White Lines, Upright Legs (i.e. Goal Post) and/or in the Endzone (i.e. Gynocentric Vagina). Oh, and if these ferocious NFL Super Slaves cannot get that Big Brown Ball into the End Zone, they can settle for a field goal, where that Big Brown Ball is kicked through some up-right Demon-rat Goldilocks Legs (Gynocentric Vagina.) And let’s not forget what keeps these Big Black Testosterone Driven Brutes motivated to score: Exactly, you guessed it, the creamy thighs of those sexy, beautiful and scantily clad Cheerleaders who shake their ass’s and spread their legs when those Ferocious Big Black Testosterone Driven Brutes place that Big Brown Ball (i.e. Load of Shit, Sperm and/or Black Genetic Material) into the Endzone or through the up-right Demon-rat Goldilocks legs (Feminazi Vagina.) These Super-Slave Clowns are as dumb as a door knob, and at the same time genetically superior. It was how they were bred on the Demon-rat Plantation. DUH!!! SLAVES ON A PLANTATION… Need I say more?

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