Be advised, as the Chi-Raq tax base is leaving, NOI Zealots will say, So! Ok young grasshoppers: The tax base in Chi-Raq pays for the welfare recipient who attends Mosque Maryam and The Nation of Islam relies on the nickel and dimes The NOI Fleeces from Black Females who attend the weakly Hucksterized Dog & Pony Show and which keeps the lights on at Mosque Maryam… And even though Ishmael Muhammad proved he could keep Mosque Maryam afloat with a minimalist skeleton crew during The Biological Weapon’s outbreak from China (i.e., COVID-19) the doors of Mosque Maryam must close due to insufficient charitable contributions. The Nation of Islam will fade into obscurity all because Chicago, Illinois’ no long has an adequate Tax Base to sustain its Welfare Population… High Crime and Extreme Poverty is an equation that will bring forth Cataclysmic Events and the permanent closure of Mosque Maryam… Funny, the so-called “DIVINE WARNER” never foresaw the collapse of Chi-Raq’s Tax Base… TAKE IT OR LET IT ALONE!!!

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