LARRY ELDER FOR CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR... SO MOTE IT BE!!!! LOS ANGELES (AP) — Conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder entered California’s Sept. 14 recall election on Monday, bringing a well-known voice on the political right to a muddled Republican field trying to oust first-term Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom. YO BITCHASS DEMON-RATS, THE COMMON SENSE... Continue Reading → NOT POSSIBLE! Something (i.e., Farrakhan's Mother Wheel) that is a million years ahead of the Caucasian's Technological Advancements... It (Farrakhan's Mother Plane) would no need to utilize a Crude Bombing Campaign to bring the NOI's "Natural Enemy" to heel. We are experiencing beautiful clear blue sky's and absolute piece in Our California Community... Yo... Continue Reading → NEVER FORGET THE ACTUAL FACT: "WHITE SUPREMACY" WAS, IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST INSTITUTION TO HAVE EVER INCAPSULATED BLACK PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET... HISTORIANS AND SO-CALLED "SCHOLARS" ARE ENCOURAGED TO PROVIDE SOUND EVIDENCE WHICH PROVES THE INACCURACY OF THE ABOUT STATED FACT. Be advised, as the Chi-Raq tax base is leaving, NOI Zealots will say, So! Ok young grasshoppers: The tax base in Chi-Raq pays for the welfare recipient who attends Mosque Maryam and The Nation of Islam relies on the nickel and dimes The NOI Fleeces from Black Females who attend the weakly Hucksterized Dog... Continue Reading →

FACE THE ACTUAL FACTS: HAITI AND ALL BLACK PEOPLE NEED “WHITE SUPREMACY”… IN THAT, BLACK PEOPLE IS AMERICA DEMENSTRATE AN IOTA OF CIVILIZATION AND/OR CIVILITY THANKS TO THE PECULIAR INSTITUTION AND/OR “WHITE SUPREMACY”. "WHITE SUPREMACY" INGRAINED CIVILITY IN THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN AND HAS ASSISTED MANY AFRICAN-AMERICANS IN ESTABLISHING SELF-CONTROL AND HELPING THEM TO NOT REVERT TO... Continue Reading → Sir, please tell us where heaven existed on the Continent of Africa 500-years ago prior to the Peculiar Institution? Face the actual Facts: "White Supremacy" was, is and will always be, the best institution to have ever incapsulated Black People in America. Don't be a "YOU KNOW NI**AH" like Ice Cube. You clowns begged... Continue Reading → HASHIM THE DREAM Something is up... The NOI via Mosque Maryam is playing the same old echo chamber redundant video's. This is telling. Notice the number of viewer... The 10,000 Fearless are not showing up... This too is telling... Ag3nt Twenty Twenty / NOI ZEALOT What do you think is up? What is this... Continue Reading →

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