devil black bitchesNow we see these Treacherous-Black-Devil-Bitches in the movie “Steel Magnolias”, where these Black-Devil-Bitches have inculcated themselves in a classic feature film that had an all White Woman Cast. Hence, one only has the look back at Slavery and one will find that these Treacherous-Mammy-Bitches have always longed and desired to hold the same adorning position as White Women in the Slave Master’s Mind’s Eye. However, something has shifted in the frequency vibration of the Universe, in that, their Treacherous-Voodoo-Kung-Fu-Gripe no-longer has the influence and/or power it once had over the world. Notice how none of these Black-Devil-Bitches have a “Real Man” in either “Steel Magnolias” and/or in the “Real World”. Hence, many of these Black-Devil-Bitches like Queen Latifah are either lesbians or on their way to becoming lesbians. QUESTION: Why are so many Black Women embracing the Homosexual LifeStyle? Simple, these TYLER PERRYBlack-Devil-Bitches are swinging on the other side of Heterosexuality because someone told these Black-Devil-Bitches that they are the “BackBone” of the so-called “Black Family” and they have assumed the role of the Male in the so-called “Black Family Structure”. Moreover, “Real Black Men” are tired of being manipulated and/or controlled by these Black-Devil-Bitches and their Voodoo-Magic. But what is even more interesting is the way Bitch-Ass Tyler Perry is trying to Shape-Shift and/or Transform into some kind of Overly Testosterone Driven Black Rambo in his new movie called “Alex Cross”. F%CK THAT! Be advised Tyler Perry, your Bitch-Ass entered this world as a Fat-Ass-TYLER PERRYBlack-Mammy-Bitch known as “Madea” and you will always be that Fat-Ass-Black-Mammy-Bitch known as “MADEA” you Tricky-Shape-Shifting-Mother-F%cker. For you mathematicians out there try this equation on for size: What do you get when you use the Reciprocal of the word “MADEA”? That’s right you get “AEDAM” which is phonetically pronounced as “ADAM”. And who was “ADAM”? According to the Bible, “ADAM” was the first human being on Earth and the father of all humanity. Think about it, Tyler Perry who is a Male, playing a Female called “MADEA” is nothing more than Hermaphroditic-Tricknology and/or Illusion-Confusion-Bull-Shit which is repetitively broadcasted and pulsated throughout the world like a Lion Tamer uses a four-legged stool to distract and confuse the Lion he is taming. Furthermore, in the book of Genesis (1:26), “ADAM” is created by God on the sixth day of creation, in God’s own image, and given dominion over all the animals of the world. God then gives “ADAM” a female partner, Eve. Eve feeds “ADAM” fruit from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge, after which an angry God expels them from the Garden of Eden. In Christian theology, “ADAM’s” failure to obey God is known as the Original Sin. “ADAM” fathered three sons by Eve: Cain, Abel and Seth. STOP! Surely, the Reader did not think this was going to be easy, you the Reader, will put in work. Therefore, the Reader is now left to his or her own research devices in order to make further connections between Tyler Perry’s Hyper-Religious-Voodoo-Concoction known as “MADEA / AEDAM / DEAD-I-AM / ADAM” and the Voodoo-Magic in the Fairytale Book known as “Bible”.