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Dear Almighty Black King's, are you tired of being tormented, put down and disrespected by all those [I DON'T NEED A MAN] fat ass treacherorous Black Bitches who look like Madea? Then grab your passport and let us real women overseas treat you like the true King you are. Your sandwich awaits you, King.

@TeamFarrakhan @LouisFarrakhan @minishmael Well.. Well.. Well.. Farrakhan' Mother Wheel came to play in my backyard. I am looking forward to whipping some originator ass! Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam Opportunistic Minion's talk all that shit about White and Jewish People. Yet, by default, they look to White and Jewish People to rescue their people... Continue Reading →

Tyler Perry and his Madea concoction is directly responsible for societies, Gender Confusion.

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