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WHEN YOUR SPOOK-GOD FAILS, YOU HAND THE CONGREGATION UFO's! Speak for yourself, Wesley Muhammad. You and the NOI are jokes and have been declared obsolete... You have no command and control over your so-called "Mother Wheel." Now call me MAJESTIC #1... PUNK! You call yourselves a "78-TRILLION-YEAR-OLD-SPECIES"... Yet you were fully and absolutely conquered... Continue Reading →

Christine Baumgartner Allegedly Heavily ‘Regrets’ Doing This During Her Divorce From Kevin Costner We reached out to Matt Walsh and Ben Shapiro for comment but they both chose to shit their pants and are now trying to negotiate a post-marriage post-nuptial agreement with their wives. TAKE IT FROM THESE SELF-PROCLAIMED "ALPHA MALES." THEY ALL ARE KICKING THEMSELVES WHILE SAYING: "I SHOULD HAVE WENT MGTOW MINIMULIST MONK!..." NEED MGTOW SAY MORE? GENTLEMEN, NEVER FORGET: THESE TREACHEROUS BITCHES WILL ALWAYS SMILE ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK IN ORDER TO SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY AND ALL THE WHILE SHE... Continue Reading →

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