FARRAKHAN' MINION DANIEL MUHAMMAD GETS HIS PANTIES TWISTED AND FAILS AT COMMS... IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE MUSLIM AND CHRISTIAN WORLD HAVE PRAYER ALL WRONG? TAKE IT OR LET IT ALONE! https://videopress.com/v/3ylNUJ34?resizeToParent=true&loop=true&preloadContent=metadata HOLY SHIT!!! EVEN E.T. KNEW HE NEEDED A CONTRAPTION IN ORDER TO SEND HIS BIG HOMIES A MESSAGE... https://videopress.com/v/H0tNSkRc?resizeToParent=true&loop=true&posterUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fthebomanistudy.files.wordpress.com%2F2021%2F08%2Fmother-plane-comes-for-et.gif&preloadContent=metadata

FARRAKHAN AND HIS MINIONS ARE INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE AGAIN... TAKE IT OR LET IT ALONE!!! Let's talk!!! So what if "WHITE MASSA BILL CLINTON" delayed assistance to the genocide in Rwanda!!! The actual fact is The NOI / F.O.I. failed to mobilize to Rwanda… Stop blaming the so-called "White Man" because The Nation of Islam... Continue Reading →

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