BIDENOMICS SENDS CARDI B BACK TO THE STREETS! When Cardi B reports to skid-row, then and only then will I consider consulting my Bug-Out-Bag! Feel the pain ye ole rachet beeeatch! She doesn't know about BRICS! So, who's hanging on her every word? Just what I need, Public Service Announcements from Ghetto Celebrities! LOL! TAKE IT FROM THESE SELF-PROCLAIMED "ALPHA MALES." THEY ALL ARE KICKING THEMSELVES WHILE SAYING: "I SHOULD HAVE WENT MGTOW!..." NEED MGTOW SAY MORE? GENTLEMEN, NEVER FORGET: THESE TREACHEROUS BITCHES WILL ALWAYS SMILE ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK IN ORDER TO SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY AND ALL THE WHILE SHE IS RIDING THE... Continue Reading →

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