barkley as femaleOne must over and/or understand the conscious and subconscious fears of the Mainstream BETA SIMPS  in general, but the GYNOCENTRIC FEMINAZIS in particular. The ultimate fear of the Cuckafied Beta Simp is “Gynocentric Annihilation” In that, the So-called “Toxic Masculine” African-American Male possesses the genetic material (i.e. semen and/or sperm) that can eradicate Beta Simps and White Knighting Cucks from the Gynocentric Movement, and therefore, transform the planets population into an all MGTOW Population. This equation is computed in the Cucks Brain Computer like a robot processing data, it says “Toxic Black Male Masculinity” has ideological and Gricky-williams-mike-ditkaenetic material that can destroy Beta Simp Cucks existence in a Gynocentric World… must neutralize threat and preserve all White Knighting Cucks position amongst the Feminazis”. This is why an African-American Male like Bitch Ass Ricky Williams  dressing up as Mike Ditka’s bride is embraced, reinforced and highly encouraged by the Mainstream Gynocentric Cuck Collective. Therefore, if you can program the African-American male to transform himself into a woman, or merely cause confusion in the African-American males perception and/or conceptual understanding of masculine and feminine energy the Mainstream Mangina’s no-longer have to worry about the African-American Male asserting his so-called “Toxic Masculinity, and contributing to the destruction of Mangina Cucks.

As Snoop Bitch, the Sambo and the Coon have been deemed destructive and counterproductive to the African-American Male Collective in general and the African-American male child in particular.

So will Flip Wilson’s “Geraldine”, Jamie Foxx’s “Wanda”, Queen Lebron James and Tyler Perry’s “Madea” prove to be the most destructive and counterproductive images ever to have entered the psyche of African-American Male Children. Moreover, the shear mathematics of the fact that if so-called “Toxic African-American Male Masculinity” embrace a Homosexual and/or Cuckological lifestyle they might as well be castrated because that is Mangina Genetic material that is not being utilized for procreation. Moreover, should a homosexual African-American Mangina choose to donate his genetic material for the purposes of creating life the recipient of that genetic material run’s a greater risk of tainting the gene pool and confusing the masculine and feminine frequency vibration. Hey, will someone call Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew and ask them why they like seeing African-American men dressed up like women, and what is the effect on society? Oh, and don’t think we forgot about Martin Lawrence’s “Big Mamma”. In the wake of the Trayvon Martin murder, and during a time when the Black Man’s image needs to reflect strength and/or masculinity, we find Former NBA Super Slave, Charles Barkley and Queen Lebron James receiving world-wide acclaim for dressing up like a Gynocentric Feminazi. Hence, the Gynocentric Community is so erotically pretentious and/or psychologically predisposed to the pathological condition known as, “Toxic Black Male Penis Envy” that the Gynocentric Feminazi reconciles its fear of “Beta Simp Annihilation” by over-compensating, and/or forcing the “Toxic” Black Male Masculinity into compromising and/or Synthetic Feminist postures for the sole purpose of calming, comforting and/or soothing the Gynocentric Collectives fear of “Feminazi Annihilation”. But wait, we should have seen this one coming, in that, mj dangleremember when Gloria Allred was condemning DumbAss Michael Jackson for dangling his child out of a two-story window, and Charles Barkley told Feminazi Ms. Allred to, “Shut The Hell Up”. You know a prominent Feminazi like Gloria Allred was not going the let a Slave like Charles Barkley get away with that kind of blatant disrespect. Chalk one up for the Mainstream Feminism because Mr. Charles Barkley is now wearing a dress, and therefore, has been virtually castrated. Earvin “Magic” Johnson, you are next. Oh, don’t you think for one minute that Earvin “Magic” Johnson was going to buy the Dodgers Baseball Franchise, and he not have to do a “Sambo and/or Coon” dance for the Gynocentric Collective. Hence, Magic Johnson may not have to wear a dress because his son is wearing it for him.

Oh, even Punk Ass Kevin Hart has been emasculated by doing none other than wearing that mighty  dress in order to soothe and comfort the Gynocracy. And do not sleep on Morehouse College because Morehouse College is becoming the L.B.G.T.Q. and/or Homosexual Capital of Historical Black Colleges.

It’s a GODDAMN SHAME. Time will tell… Hence, this is nothing more than an All-Out-Assault by the Gynocentric Cuck Collective to ultimately Eradicate the Black Male Masculinity from the face of the Earth and the Known Regions of the Universe..



A Syndrome is a set of symptoms and signs that are usually due to a single cause (or set of related causes) and together indicate a particular physical or mental disease or disorder. The reader is about to embark on what is known as the Synectics Model. The Synectics Model is an educational approach that emphasizes creative problem solving and the development of teaching methods that enhance ones creativity, such as encouraging metaphorical thinking. In that, the metaphorical perspective in this writing reveals anomalies that social scientist dare not to touch. Dr. Bomani antagonistically say’s “In Your Face” Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew, come analyze this topic you fraudulent erudite QUACKS!

The King Kong Syndrome establishes and preserves the “Menacing Black Brut” and/or African-American Male Threat in the Gynocentric Brain Computer. If this were not the case, than Demon-rat Feminazi’ may grow sympathetic to the deceptive and/or harsh treatment towards African-Americans, as in the case of the redundant and/or almost ritualistic repeat of movies like “King Kong” and “The Planet of the Apes”.

One must understand the fact that if African-American males are not contained and/or reduced to the level of a beast in the Mainstream Gynocentric Collective, in order to squelch curiosities of The Feminazi that may contribute to Gynocentric Annihilation or what’s known as, “The Jane Goodall Fantasy”. Clearly there is an intelligent and diabolical Gynocentric mind at work when themes like Slavery, Black Power and Revolution can be masterfully harnessed and played out on the big screen. Like clockwork, The Hollywood Gynocracy seems to know exactly when to release updated versions of “King Kong” and “The Planet of the Apes”. In that, there appears to be a correlation in the release time of “King Kong” and “The Planet of the Apes” and economic down turns in society. Funny, but can it be that keen Hollywood Gynocratic Minds possess extensive data relating to human development and/or human behavior that these Hollywood Gynocratic Minds know exactly what images to project in order to satisfy the feminazi cravings? In that, a rat addicted to drugs will begin to withdraw and ultimately self-destruct until the experimenter administers the proper dose of the drug that satisfies the rats’ addiction. Therefore, the Mainstream Democrat Gynocentric Collective does not have to place African-Americans in physical bondage as long as the perceptions and mental focus of African-Americans are captured and/or captivated by pictures and images that African-Americans consciously and subconsciously identify with.

A subliminal message is a message that programs the subconscious mind, causing an unconscious behavioral response. The subconscious communicates in a different language than the conscious mind. It has an internal operational language that speaks KONG1only in picture. These images are the fabric and substance of the subconscious mind. Therefore, in a snap shot analysis of the motion picture “King Kong”. King Kong is captured and enslaved for the sole purpose of providing The Gynocracy with profits and entertainment, very similar to the way the Oblivious Black Slave remains on the Democrat Plantation. Hence, the overarching climax in the film reveals a power example of so-called “Toxic Masculinity.”    Hence, King Kong (The Menacing Black Threat) climbs to the top of a skyscraper (Symbolic Phallic and/or Penis) and like Black “Toxic Masculine” Sperm oozing from the tip of a penis, King Kong (The Menacing Black Threat) is shot down by what Hollywood Feminazi’ call the “Great  Equalizer” or the Gun (Symbolic Phallic, “Toxic Masculinity” and/or Penis.) Even more revealing is that statistics show that Manginas and/or Cucks are psychologically predisposed to shooting and killing unarmed African-American males under the guise that the Mangina and/or Cuck thought the African-American male had a weapon and/or possessed “Toxic Masculinity. It would be interesting to study if the shooting of African-American males by Feminazi’, Cucks and/or Manginas dramatically increased after the release of movies like, “King Kong” and/or “The Planet of the Apes”. Can someone say “Dissertation”?