So "GOD" enters reality alone, then "GOD'S" creation which is made in "GOD'S" Image can't be like "GOD" and be alone? This is nothing more than just GUILTING and SHAMING men in the name of "GOD"... Note: in the video above "GOD" refers to the "woman" as "Helper" not Feminist... LOL! Tell you what... Continue Reading →

Do not sleep people, Jada is with Will for his money and social status. Will is starting to lose his social status. Jada will soon Divorce Rape Will Smith... And Will Smith will go the way of Robin Williams. Will Smith needs to be 5150'ed / Admitted to a Mental Health Facility and placed on... Continue Reading → YO WILL SMITH, BRING THAT MAMBY-PAMBY SISSIFIED SUCKER SLAP BULL-SHIT TO THE OCTAGON... YOU PUNK ASS BETA BITCH!!! THESE CLOWNS NURI DRAWS YOU IN THROUGH "AGREEMENT"... THEN SHITS ON THE MGTOW CONCEPT AS BEING ANGRY! DEAR FOLLOW MGTOW, FRET NOT, THESE CLOWNS ARE CUCKEDAFIED WHITE KNIGHTERS ... I, MGTOW, MAY BE "BUTT HURT" BECAUSE YOU SIR ARE A POOR REPRESENTATIVE OF THE MGTOW CONCEPT. WE [MGTOW] DO NOT NEED TO... Continue Reading →

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