Sarah Jakes Roberts-Headwinds… LIKE HER DADDY, STUPID BITCH LACKS LOGIC AND REASON… Which GOD DAMN Rock did Sarah Jakes Roberts-Headwinds crawl out from under? This Bitch is illogical and lacks reason. She is looking to a Deity that has never touched her, never held her hand, never whispered in her ear, never tickled her cliterous and... Continue Reading →

BEHOLD THE REAL CHILDREN OF ISRAEL–GOD’S CHOSEN-GOD LOVES AND CHERISHES THESE ADORNMENTS… Feast your eyes on GOD’S DIME PIECES! Make no mistake, surely any so-called "Deity, God, Saviour and/or Originator" would possess a far Superior Substance (i.e. Quantum Sperm) in its (God or Deity) System and Brain than Testosterone and Intelligence? Therefore, it (Deity or God) is only going to return to save Genetically Superior Superstar Females (MGTOW compliant of course). Let's get... Continue Reading →

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