The definition of a rubric is theĀ use of red lettering to highlight something on a page, or a standard for grading or scoring knowledge or performance. An example of a rubric is a specific scoring tool to grade a student's progress based on the learning objectives for the student. And based on this definition the... Continue Reading →

STAND-FAST FOR INTELLECTUAL BEAT-DOWN ON MR. MILQUETOAST ISHMAEL MUHAMMAD... IS FARRAKHAN AUTHORIZED TO PLACE A MONETARY VALUE ON SUPREME WISDOM THAT SUPPOSEDLY COMES FROM FARRAKHAN'S SO-CALLED "GOD and/or ALLAH"? CLICK PHOTO BELOW IS NOT THE CAUCASIAN A SUPREME IMPROVEMENT FROM THE SO-CALLED "ORIGINAL ASIATIC BLACK MAN"? Notice, his eyes are always look to the right... He is too scared to make eye contact with those monsters on the female side. When will Farrakhan give us clarity about his son Joshua Nasir Farrakhan marrying The N.O.I.'s Natural Enemy? I have only heard Farrakhan and his minions say "Black People are the... Continue Reading →

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