Defamation of character, also referred to as defamation, arises when a false statement is made that hurts another person's reputation. The individual that has suffered the defamatory statement can file a defamation of character lawsuit against the person that made the statement. Irreparable harm is harm that would not be adequately compensated by monetary damages or... Continue Reading →

KUDOS TO: Jonathan Greenblatt ADL CEO corrects [Caryn Elaine Johnson (i.e., Whoopi the Anti-Semitic Monster)] following Holocaust remarks, calls on 'The View' to add Jewish co-host According to Brandon Gillespie | Fox News, "CEO of the Anti-Defamation League Jonathan Greenblatt joined the cast of ABC's "The View" Tuesday to correct co-host Whoopi Goldberg following her heavily scrutinized claim that... Continue Reading →

THE FAT-ASS-TREACHEROUS-BLACK-MAMMY-WIELDER-BEAST-BITCH (YESTERDAY AND TODAY) - MESSAGE TO THE BLACK MAN  One must over and/or understand the role the Mammy played during Slavery. In that, during Slavery, Mammies who conform to the Genetic Phenotype like: Wendy Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah-Mima-Winfrey, Sheryl Underwood, Cassi Davis, Gabourey Sidibe, Big Momma (Played by Martin Lawrence), Monique, Sherri... Continue Reading →

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