RODNEY KING BEATGOD DAMN! Rodney King survives a brutal beating by the Black Man Blood Thirsty and savage Los Angeles Police Department, overcomes and survives drug and alcohol addiction. And as soon as Rodney King sobers up, joins the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and gets married to a Fat-Treacherous-Gold-Digging-Black-Bitch, all of a sudden Mr. Rodney King is found dead in the swimming pool. Something just doesn’t smell right. However, what is more interesting are the subtle sighs of relief by the Gynocentric-Supremacy-Media as they pay superficial homage and attribute warm accolades to a Black Man named Rodney King, who was basically a thorn in the side of the Feminazi-Collective.

Funny, but the noticeable pattern being offered by the Gynocentric-Supremacy-Media, is that, the Black Man will only be acknowledged by the Gynocentric-Supremacy-Media if he conforms to the following Feminazi-Collective-Anti-Anxiety-Standards:

  1. If the Black Man allows the Feminazi Mind-Set to brutally beat him and the Feminazi Mind-Set is never criminally charge he can then be acknowledged by the Gynocentric-Supremacy-Media.
  2. If a Black Man (i.e. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.) allows the Gynocentric Mind-Set to assassinate the Black Man, he can then be acknowledged by the Gynocentric-Media.
  3. Or, if the Black Man is elected President of The United States and only executes Governmental Policies on behalf of the Feminazi Mind-Set, then and only then, will the Feminazi Mind-Set and/or the Gynocentric-Media acknowledge the Black Man.

Face it; the world would not even know Rodney King ever existed had it not been for the videotape that showed the LAPD beating the shit out of Rodney King. And I will go out on a limb and say, if one follows Rodney King’s financial assets and income, up to the point of his death, one will surely find that, Rodney King’s wife, Cynthia Kelley (Fat-Treacherous-Gold-Digging-Black-Bitch) and her co-conspirators had the most to gain in the event of Rodney King’s death. According to CNN Cynthia Kelley was to distraught and/or shook-up about Rodney King’s death that she was unable to give a comment. However, I suspect she was getting “All of Her Ducks in a Row” so she and her co-conspirators can “distraughtly” laugh all the way to the bank and liquidate Rodney King’s Estate. Don’t sleep; Cynthia Kelley (Fat-Treacherous-Gold-Digging-Black-Bitch) was a juror in Rodney King’s Civil Trial when Rodney King was awarded $3.8 Million in damages. Hence, if you do not know by now, that the Gynocentric-Controlled-Judicial-System and/or the Demon-rat-Slave-Masters haves always strategically used the Black Woman and/or The Mammy to trick, trap,  subdue and/or control the Black Man, you know now. Hence, this Mammy Tactic is right out of the Feminazi’ book called, “Plantation Frame of Reference 101” Therefore, it would not be a stretch to say, that Rodney King was systematically set-up by Cynthia Kelley and her Feminazi-Pimp-Mamma in order to “Kill Two Birds with One Stone” (1) Secure beneficiary status over Rodney King’s Estate, and (2) Put this Dumb-Ass-Black-Man in the ground, and relieve the Gynocentric-Controlled-Judicial-System of its head-Ache known as, Rodney King. It appears that the Black Man better develop a quick and keen learning curve (i.e. GO MGTOW), otherwise he will be systematically exterminated by these Gold-Digging-Black-Bitches in order to gain favor from, and/or sit at the Right-Hand of her Feminazi-Pimp-Momma. 

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