A wise man named Christopher Hitchens articulated the following fact, “If you want to get good people to do wicked things you need religion”.


Julia Layton (1998-2012) postulates the following: “In the late 1950s, psychologist Robert Jay Lifton studied former prisoners of Korean War and Chinese war camps. He determined that they’d undergone a multistep process that began with attacks on the prisoner’s sense of self and ended with what appeared to be a change in beliefs. Lifton ultimately defined a set of steps involved in the brainwashing cases he studied:

  1. Assault on identity

  2. Guilt

  3. Self-Betrayal

  4. Breaking point

  5. Leniency

  6. Compulsion to confess

  7. Channeling of guilt

  8. Releasing of guilt

  9. Progress and harmony

  10. Final confession and rebirth

­Each of thes­e stages takes place in an environment of isolation, meaning all “normal” social reference points are unavailable and mind-clouding techniques like sleep deprivation and malnutrition are typically part of the process. There is often the presence or constant threat of physical harm, which adds to the target’s difficulty in thinking critically and independently.

We can roughly divide the process Lifton identified into three stages: breaking down the self, introducing the possibility of salvation, and rebuilding the self.

Breaking down the self

  • Assault on identity: You are      not who you think you are. This is a systematic attack on a target’s sense      of self (also called his identity or ego) and his core belief system. The      agent denies everything that makes the target that he is: “You are      not a soldier.” “You are not a man.” “You are not      defending freedom.” The target is under constant attack for days,      weeks or months, to the point that he becomes exhausted, confused and disoriented.      In this state, his beliefs seem less solid.

  • Guilt: You are bad. While the      identity crisis is setting in, the agent is simultaneously creating an      overwhelming sense of guilt in the target. He repeatedly and mercilessly      attacks the subject for any “sin” the target has committed,      large or small. He may criticize the target for everything from the      “evilness” of his beliefs to the way he eats too slowly. The      target begins to feel a general sense of shame, that everything he does is      wrong.

  • Self-betrayal: Agree with me      that you are bad. Once the subject is disoriented and drowning in guilt,      the agent forces him (either with the threat of physical harm or of      continuance of the mental attack) to denounce his family, friends and      peers who share the same “wrong” belief system that he holds.      This betrayal of his own beliefs and of people he feels a sense of loyalty      to increases the shame and loss of identity the target is already      experiencing.

  • Breaking point: Who am I,      where am I and what am I supposed to do? With his identity in crisis,      experiencing deep shame and having betrayed what he has always believed      in, the target may undergo what in the lay community is referred to as a      “nervous breakdown.” In psychology, “nervous      breakdown” is really just a collection of severe symptoms that can      indicate any number of psychological disturbances. It may involve      uncontrollable sobbing, deep depression and general disorientation. The      target may have lost his grip on reality and have the feeling of being      completely lost and alone. When the target reaches his breaking point, his      sense of self is pretty much up for grabs — he has no clear understanding      of who he is or what is happening to him. At this point, the agent sets up      the temptation to convert to another belief system that will save the      target from his misery”.


Now we segue to the “AUDIT”. Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan and his Yakub Fairytale is nothing more than a grasp for straws, and requires the observer and/or auditor to detach from reality, suspend all logic and contort their imagination to a point beyond Intellectual Lobotomization. Especially when one observes the Nation of Islam’s Leader, Minister Lewis Farrakhan giving the blow-by-blow on a fantastic story about a gentleman named “Yakub and/or Jacob” to a group of Hyper-Religious Bible-Belt Fanatics and/or Zealots. In that, “Yakub and/or Jacob” was one of the great patriarchs in the Old Testament of the Bible, who was known as a schemer, liar, and manipulator. This begs the question, is Louis Farrakhan, or any other Religious Fanatic anywhere near coherency when telling this story? And has Louis Farrakhan and his followers really contemplated and/or pondered the “Yakub and/or Jacob” Fairytale to its depth and/or core? Hence, the Nation of Islam is failing to acknowledge the bigger picture surrounding this mythical character known as “Yakub”. And let us not forget that nothing in these religious tall tales can feed, house and/or clothe the very people Lewis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam Elites refer to as, “The Children of Israel and/or The Chosen People of God”. Not to mention the fact that Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam are reluctant and/or deceptively apprehensive when it comes to telling their followers about their 501(c)(3) status, and how the Nation of Islam and its Ruling Elite are Exempt from paying taxes on the donations they receive from gullible Humanoids at the lower echelon of society. Face it, the Nation of Islam is utilizing the very same tricks the Caucasoid uses to keep “Non-White Humanoids” in perpetual mental slavery. It’s as if the ideology of the Nation of Islam is attempting to shift the hearts and minds of “Non-White Humanoids” away from the Caucasoid Ruler and towards the Rulership of the Nation of Islam. Hence, either way, “Non-White Humanoids” are rendered servile. In that, it’s as if the Nation of Islam has calculated the following conclusion: Since the Black Man and Woman have been mentally enslaved by the Caucasoid, they [The Black Man and Woman in the Hells of North America] would be better off being dominated, controlled and enslaved by the oppressive ideology in the Nation of Islam. One should not forget that the greatest trick and/or illusion ever used on the Planets Humanoid Population, was and continues to be, the Fabrication of a Man-Made Belief System wherein the Population are subliminally indoctrinated into the unconditional adoration and/or worship of an Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent God and/or Deity.

I proclaim that “Yakub” (The Original Asiatic Black Man and/or the Maker the Owner the Cream of the Planet Earth “God of the Universe”) and his “Caucasoid Creation” are merely deified imposters cut from the same nefarious frequency vibration. In that, they [The Asiatic Black Man and The Caucasoid] both possess the same psychological predisposition that bends towards enslaving the Humanoid Population on this Planet. “Yakub” is the Asiatic Black Man who grew frustrated because “Non-White Humanoids” where engaging in free and/or independent thinking, so he [Yakub] created a Caucasoid and/or something so terrifying and/or destructive to this Planet, in-order to beat and/or chase the free and independent thought out of “Non-White Humanoids”, and force those “Non-White Humanoids” into total and absolute submission to the Will of “Yakub”, and thus, compelling “Non-White Humanoids” into seeking refuge and/or salvation in “Yakub and/or The Asiatic Black Man”, while simultaneously feeding the Narcissistic Nature and/or Psychotic Predisposition of those (i.e. Louis Farrakhan) who have bought whole heartedly into the “Yakub Fairytale”. This tactic is very similar to when the Quail Hunter (i.e. Yakub) sends his dog (i.e. Caucasoid Creation) into the bush to chase the Quail towards the Hunter who is patiently waiting to shoot the Quail (i.e. Non-White Humanoids) on sight. I will even go out on a limb and say that, Religious Fairytales and the manipulative effects they have on Humanoid Automaton’s who feed from the Biblical and/or Quranic Slop Trough, gives powerful and compelling credence to Walt Disney’s successful isolation and/or containment apparatus. In that, in order for Walt Disney to captivate Humanoid Imagination to a magnitude where the entire Planet Earth represents a Geographically Coordinated and/or Global Logistical Rat Cage, Mr. Walt Disney would have had to tinker with the idea and/or question of, how to put the Humanoid Mind in a cage, without it [the Humanoid Mind] knowing it is in a cage?. But of course, the Psychotic and Neurotic Mind-Set of Mr. Walt Disney and his Alter-Ego Mickey “The Sambo” Mouse are topics for another time. However, I will not leave the reader hanging, if you click on the icon below, you will advance to an article that will give you a hint of the inner thought processes of Mr. Walt Disney.

Now back to our topic. Look here, “Mr. Original Asiatic Black Man, Maker and Owner, Cream of the Planet Earth, GOD of the Universe”; the tricknology you and your Caucasoid Creation are using is now obsolete. Your Mahdi and/or your Messiah are not coming, and you like every other Humanoid on this F%CK-Up Planet, are stuck with your flawed and/or limited mathematics. Remember, the show is not over until the “Fat Lady” sings, and the “Battle in the Sky” has reached its climactic conclusion. For those of you who have bought into Louis Farrakhan’s Religious Fervor and/or Yakub Concoction, it is recommend that you study well, for you, nor your Honorable Leader, possess the necessary Pure Motive and/or Mathematics needed within the realm of this Space-Time Continuum to succeed.

Fret not ole ye weary neophytes, for the Precatory Laws of Pantheism and Absolute Solipsism currently have the Nation of Islam under surveillance. Hence, that Pantheistic Eye in the Sky does not Lie.

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