According to Elijah Farrakhan's wife, Danielle Farrakhan, Christina Mackey is her Daughter. Therefore, this fowl mouthed Succubus Christina Mackey is in some shape or form related to Mr. Almighty "Divine One", Louis Farrakhan. What in the Literal Hell is Louis Farrakhan, Ishmael Muhammad and the Nation of Islam running at Mosque Maryam? "THE TIME AND WHAT MUST BE DONE" HMMM? FUNNY, JUST MORE OLD ASS ECHOCHAMER BULL-SHIT BIBLE THUMPING FROM BOOKS HANDED TO THE BLACK SLAVE FROM HIS CAUCASIAN SLAVE MASTER... HENCE THE VERY BIBLE FARRAKHAN AND HIS MINIONS PRESCRIBE THEIR PRE-SCRIPTURES FROM WAS THE VERY SAME BOOK (i.e., HOLY BIBLE) USED BY THE SLAVE... Continue Reading →

SUB-HONORABLE MILK TOAST ISHMAEL MUHAMMAD SPEAKS DO NOT LET THIS LYING SACK OF SHIT ISHMAEL MUHAMMAD FOOL YOU. NOTE: Mu'ammar Al-Qadhdhāfī WAS KILLED BY THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION... FARRAKHAN OWED Mu'ammar Al-Qadhdhāfī $5-MILLION... NOW TELL US HOW FINANCIALLY BETTER OFF YOU WOULD BE IF YOU COULD KILL YOUR CREDITORS? BOY, FARRAKHAN'S GOOD BUDDY Mu'ammar Al-Qadhdhāfī AND... Continue Reading → NOT POSSIBLE! Something (i.e., Farrakhan's Mother Wheel) that is a million years ahead of the Caucasian's Technological Advancements... It (Farrakhan's Mother Plane) would not need to utilize a Crude Bombing Campaign to bring the NOI's "Natural Enemy" to heel. We are experiencing beautiful clear blue sky's and absolute piece in Our California Community... Yo... Continue Reading →

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