Louis Farrakhan Net Worth: Milquetoast Louis Farrakhan is an American religious huckster who has a net worth of $5 million (And still claims he is "suffering"). Farrakhan earned his net worth through duping Poor Black People out of their money. He really brought in the money during his "POWER" Tour in the early 90's. But... Continue Reading →

FARRAKHAN AND HIS MINIONS ARE INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE AGAIN... TAKE IT OR LET IT ALONE!!! Let's talk!!! So what if "WHITE MASSA BILL CLINTON" delayed assistance to the genocide in Rwanda!!! The actual fact is The NOI / F.O.I. failed to mobilize to Rwanda… Stop blaming the so-called "White Man" because The Nation of Islam... Continue Reading → NOT POSSIBLE! Something (i.e., Farrakhan's Mother Wheel) that is a million years ahead of the Caucasian's Technological Advancements... It (Farrakhan's Mother Plane) would not need to utilize a Crude Bombing Campaign to bring the NOI's "Natural Enemy" to heel. We are experiencing beautiful clear blue sky's and absolute piece in Our California Community... Yo... Continue Reading →

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