Katt Williams probably doesn’t find this scenario very funny. An arrest warrant has been issued by the Sacramento District Attorney for comedian. Katt Williams. According to the California Highway Patrol, “Mr. Katt Williams is wanted for felony evading police, driving in a reckless manner, fleeing from police on a white three-wheeled motorcycle on November 25, 2012.” Furthermore, comedian Katt Williams was briefly detained for a gun violation when Police attempted to pull Mr. Williams over after he was spotted driving on the sidewalk near a Sacramento hotel. At one point during the chase, Katt Williams took off his full-face helmet and yelled “I am not going to stop” at the arresting officers. CHP officers discontinued the pursuit, which lasted two minutes and reached 35 mph, out of concern for the public’s safety. But the Buffoonery by Mr. Katt Williams does not end there, in that, Mr. Williams was busted in Seattle, Washington after being involved in a bar fight. Mr. Williams also missed various performances over the course of his comedy tour, and he subsequently announced his retirement from stand-up comedy after he was a no-show for a performance in Seattle, Washington.

HOLY F%CKING SHIT! Clearly this Liberal-Reptilian-AKATT WILLIAMSpex-Predator is forcing these Black Entertainers to crack and/or self destruct under pressure. Surely, Katt Williams’ psychotic escapade is just what the American Government needs in order to increase revenues so they can avoid their Fiscal Cliff? Hence, we just may see Mr. Katt Williams relocating to Skid-Row after the United States Government commences to liquidate his stupid ass. Allow me to explain…

Notice if you will, as Dire Economic Realities begin laying claim to the American Humanoid Population, we see a dramatic increase in the promotion of Fantasy Theme Parks like Disneyland and/or California Adventure. It’s as though the Opportunistic Spirit of Walt Disney can feel the pain of America’s Economic Woews. But that is not our topic today, our topic today consists of understanding why these so-called “Gangster Rappers’ are beginning to panic. Let us examine.

No Rapper, old and/or new, on this Planet can come anywhere near to competing with this Elvis Presley Michael Jackson concoction known as Justin Bieber. Moreover, no so-called “Gangster Rapper”, old and/or new, will even dear challenge this Liberal-Reptilian-Deity called, The Bieber. What thinking People want to know is, who and/or what Liberal-Reptilian-Music-Executive issued the memo, telling all the so-called, “Gangster Rappers” to stand-down when it come to this Bitch-Ass-Liberal-Reptile-Deity, Justin Bieber? Clearly, Justin Bieber is off-limits, and these so-called “Gangster Rappers” are in total compliance. Hence, Soft-Ass Rappers like Ice Cube, Ice-T, Lil Wayne, 50-Cent, Dr. Dre, Kanye West and Snoop Doggy Dog cannot take a shit without consulting with their Democrat-Accountants and/or Shareholders.


Case in point, currently we see these Bitch Ass so-called “Gangster Rappers” diligently following the IRS Shaking-Down of R-Kelly. Not only is this one of the reasons these so-called “Gangster Rappers” are crawling out from under their rocks, but they are suspiciously quiet and/or on Hush-Mode while they await Mr. R-Kelly’s fate. Hence The R. Kelly IRS Shake-down is nothing more than the Liberal-Reptilian-Apex-Predator’s way of sending a powerful message to these so-called “Gangster Rappers”, and also putting all these so-called “Gangster Rappers”, old and/or new, as well as the Black Entertainment Industry on notice. And that notice is, that none of you Black Entertainers are to even Hick-Up in the direction of making any Major Business and/or Career Altering Decisions without consulting with your Leftist-Reptilian Accountant(s), and/or those Democrat-Reptiles who manage your money. Notice if you will, that so-called “Gangster Rapper” 50-Cent showed up in Court on behalf of Floyd Mayweather, as though the presence of 50 Cent was going to influence the decision of the Democrat-Controlled-Judicial-System to grant Floyd, House Arrest. Hell, 50-Cent is so “Gangster” that he was allowed to interview with Oprah-Mima, who by the way, is desperately trying to boost her ratings in-order to keep her Democrat-Reptilian Shareholders from losing money due to dismal ratings by the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN.) Moreover, so-called “Gangster Rapper” 50-Cent was also allowed to go on the Piers Morgan Show. The question is, who and/or what did 50-Cent have to stick up his ass, to get this kind of notoriety? Clearly, 50-Cent is being groomed by his Liberal Reptilian Owners. Therefore, what exactly is 50-Cent being groomed for? You see, these so-called “Gangster Rappers” should know by now that, when the Demon-rats Economic Situation turns dire and/or bleak, these so-called “Gangster Rappers” become primary Gold-Mines and/or Economic Reservoirs ready and ripe to be tapped when the Democrat-Reptile-Apex-Predator needs to sure-up his Economic Situation. Think about it, there is no way in Hell, that Demoncrat-Reptilian’s are going to face massive foreclosures and reach the brink of starvation and at the same time allow these so-called “Gangster Rappers” a smooth glide path through America’s Economic Turmoil.

Yo! Ice Cube, Ice-T, Lil Wayne, 50-Cent, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dog: You you stupid Mother-F%ckers can cast your vote for Bitch Ass Barack Obama; YouHASHIM THE DREAM can tuck your tails and run to the Nation of Islam and/or the Church of Scientology; You can suck as much Democrat-Reptilian-Dick as you can stand; You can try to jump aboard Jay-Z’z and P-Diddy’s Super Yacht; You can bow-down and kiss Queen Elizabeth’s royal monarch ass, and let those toy soldiers Prince Harry and Prince William Tea-Bag you bitches into the hereafter, but the same way this Liberal-Reptilian-Apex-Predator is about to vehemently sodomize and/or devour Mr. R-Kelly’s financial rectum, is the same way this Democrat-Reptilian-Apex-Predator intends to ferociously sodomize and rape all of you Bitch Ass, so-called “Gangster Rappers”. Funny, you Bitches actually thought your Lavish-Life-Style of “BLING-BLING” would never end. Think again because while you were popping $8,000.00 Champagne Bottles and Making It Rain at the strip club, your Caucasoid-Slave-Master was planning and plotting to confiscate your wealth. The sad part about it is, you have been here before. Ah, did somebody say, Red Foxx, Sinbad, MC Hammer, O.J. Simpson, TLC, Motown, Michael Jackson, Dennis Rodman, Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Melba Moore, Terrell Owens and/or Wesley Snipes?

BREAKING NEWS YOU STUPID MOTHER-F%CKERS: Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant’s so-called ex-wife is selling one of Kobe’s mansions. Vanessa Bryant will make a $1 MILLION PROFIT when the mansion is sold. Be advised, Kobe Bryant is being liquidated, we will soon see Kobe Bryant and Bitch Ass Rappers walking their Punk Asses to Skid-Row in a few more days. However, in reality, Vanessa will clear a smooth $3 MILLION PROFIT when she sales andor liquidates Kobe Bryant’s mansion because it was Kobe Bryant who ran up-and-down the Basketball Court putting a Big-Brown-Ball in a Hoop-Drapped-With-A-White-Net, in order to appease his NBA Plantation Owners who inturn gave him money to purchase the Mansion Vanessa is selling without any in-put from Bitch Ass Kobe Bryant. Think about it, Vanessa has never worked a day since DUMB ASS Kobe Bryant married her without a pre-nuptial agreement. STUPID MOTHER-F%CKER!

Stupid Mother-F%ckers, instead of wasting your God-Damn money buying stupid shit, you should have built an Army to protect your GodDamn money, oops you STUPID-MOTHER-F%CKERS have Democrat-Accountants controlling your money. Like I said, “STUPID MOTHER-F%CKERS. So be advised, this Democrat-Reptilian-Apex-Predator’s are coming for you, and they intend to use every IRS and/or Legal Statue in their Judicial Books to liquidate you Dumb-Mother-F%ckers, and there is not a GodDamn thing you can do about it. Go ahead, ask your Daddy Farrakhan, even he is having trouble maintaining the Nation of Islam’s 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Status.


What the F%ck is Bitch Ass Obama thinking about, and who in the F%ck is writing this Dumb Niggah’s Script? Only little White Liberals can play in the Magic Toy Negro’s Fantasy Formation known as Make Believe and/or Pretend that you are the President of These United States of America. Do not sleep people this is nothing but a page from Mark Twain’s book called, The Adventures of Huckleberry FinnThink about it people, this photo allows Liberal Gynocentric-Reptilian-Apex-Predators to rekindle that warm and fuzzy feeling they once had for their Magic Toy Negro Barack Obama, who like a stray puppy named Spot, they allowed into their White House. God-Damn, can you envision Jay Carney all snuggled up in Bed reading Mark Twain’s book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as Jay Carney lives vicariously through the character known as, Huckleberry Finn; then Jay Carney wakes up in the morning and reports to the White House where he lives out his real life version of Huckleberry Finn serving as Spokesperson and/or Damage Control Bull-Shit Artists on cornbehalf of Barack Obama (aka: Jim: The Big Black, mild-mannered slave to whom Huck (aka: Jay Carney) becomes very close to in the novel, when they reunite after Jim flees from captivity and seeks refuge from slavery. Whereas, Obama flees from Benghazi and IRS Scandals, and Huck (aka: Jay Carney) and Jim (aka: Barack Hussein Obama) become fellow travelers (aka: Bull-Shit Artists) on the Mississippi River (aka: The Obama Corruption Train to Nowhere Administration). Oh and let us not forget that, it was not so long ago when Bitch Ass Obama, congratulated Jason Collins, an NBA Faggot, for coming out of the closet and announced to the world that he likes Dick in his Ass. Now ask yourself, what kind of message does this send to Black Boy’s? Exactly, it sends the message that says, little Cuck Boy’s can be President of the United Snakes of America, and if Little Black Boys want to be accepted in the Mangina Reptilian World that Little Black Boy should aspire to be a homosexual who likes taking Dick up the Ass like Jason Collins.


Have you ever wondered why prominent Black Entertainers deteriorate and die a miserable and/or less dignified death, while Liberal Gynocentric-Reptilian Losers live a long, active and dignified life? One theory is that Black Entertainers sell their souls to the Liberal Gynocentric Reptilian Apex Predator in exchange for immediate fame and wealth. Be that as it may, in order to steer this discussion from mere speculation, spookology and/or superstition, one must be able to qualitatively and quantitatively observe and/or measure the transaction between the Black Entertainer and the Liberal Reptilian. Hence, the reader is encouraged to refute and/or dispute the empirical data points that are about to be extrapolated:

Data Point #1: A Black Man named James Baskett abandoned his studies of pharmacology for financial reasons, and sold his soul to the Leftist Liberal Reptilian to become Uncle Remus. In that, in 1945, he auditioned for a bit part voicing one of the animals in the new Disney feature film Song of the South (1946), based on the Uncle Remus stories by Joel Chandler Harris. Liberal Gynocentric Reptilian Master-Mind Walt Disney was impressed with Baskett’s ability to play a “Happy Darkie and/or Docile Sambo” so much so, that Walt Disney hired James Baskett on the spot for the lead role of Uncle Remus. As quiet as it is kept, and almost never acknowledged by Black Entertainers and their Leftist Liberal Feminazi-Handlers, on March 20, 1948, James Baskett received an Honorary Academy Award for his performance as Uncle Remus. Uncle Remus was the first Black Man to win an Academy Award. On July 9, 1948, Uncle Remus died of heart disease at the age of 44.

Data Point #2: A Black Man named Bill Robinson sold his soul to Leftist Liberal Reptilians and transformed into Shirley Temples’ “Singing and Dancing Happy Go Lucky Magic Toy Negro” named Mr. Bojangles. Despite earning more than $2 million during his lifetime, Mr. Bojangles died penniless in 1949, at the age of 71 from a heart attack.

Data Point #3: A Black Man named Richard Pryor sold his soul to Leftist Liberal Reptilians and played “The White Liberal’s Toy” named Jack Brown in “The Toy”. Richard Pryor suffered a mild heart attack in November 1977. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1986. In 1990, Pryor suffered a second and more severe heart attack and underwent triple heart bypass surgery. By the early 1990s, he was confined to using a wheelchair as well as a motor powered scooter for the remainder of his life to get around when his multiple sclerosis began to take its toll on his body. On June 9, 1980, during the making of the film Bustin’ Loose, Pryor set himself on fire after freebasing cocaine while drinking 151-proof rum. He ran down Parthenia Street from his Northbridge, California, home, on fire, until he was subdued by police. He was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for burns covering more than half of his body. Pryor spent six weeks in recovery at the Grossman Burn Center at Sherman Oaks Hospital. His daughter, Rain Pryor, stated that Pryor poured high-proof rum over his body and set himself on fire while experiencing a drug induced psychosis. On December 10, 2005, nine days after his birthday, Pryor suffered a heart attack in Encino, California. He was taken to a local hospital after his wife’s attempts to resuscitate him failed. He was pronounced dead at 7:58 am PST. He was 65 years old. His Leftist Liberal Gynocentric Widow Jennifer Leecoon-sambo Pryor was quoted as saying, “At the end, there was a smile on his face. It is so funny, how Leftist Liberals’ love to reminisce about a Black Man’s smile when he is dead. That’s that, Coon Sambo Residue etched in the Leftist Liberal Mind.

Data Point #4: A Black Man named David Adkins (aka Sinbad) sold his soul to Liberal Gynocentric-Reptilians in order to become Sam Simms, a Secret Service Toy in the 1996 Disney comedy film “First Kid” (NOTICE ANY PATTERNS DEVELOPING?) In 2009, Sinbad was placed in the top 10 of the 250 worst tax debtors for the state of California. The comedian owed the State $2.5 million in personal income tax. On December 11, 2009, Sinbad filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. On February 5, 2010, it was reported that Sinbad put up his 2.5-acre (10,000 m2) hilltop home for sale in order to alleviate his tax burdens.

Data Point #5: A Black Man named Michael Jackson sold his soul to Leftist Liberal Gynocentric-Reptilians in order to mutate, shapeshift and/or morph into MJ The World Renowned Emasculated Leftist Liberal Entertainer and would eventually add the term Pedophile to his metamorphosis when he was accused of sleeping with minor children. Hence, Macaulay Carson Culkin testified that he had slept in Michael Jackson’s bedroom on countless occasions, but stated that Jackson’s bedroom was two stories, and that Jackson never sexually molested him or touched him in improper ways, and referred to the allegations as “absolutely ridiculous.” On June 25, 2009 Mutant and Psychopathic Sociopath Michael Jackson was euthanized by Leftist Liberal Reptilian Losers who sought to confiscate Michael Jackson’s estate and usurp his global influence.

Data Point #6: A Black Man named Usher Terry Raymond IV sold hisHUCK AND HIS NEGRO5 soul to Leftist Liberal Reptilians and became “Usher”. Usher has also served as Fundraising Monkey for Former Mangina-Reptilian-President Bill Clinton. Usher is currently going through a very public child custody dispute, as well as being accused of infecting several people (men and women) with syphilis. It was also revealed in open court that Usher had sexual relations with one of the bridesmaids from his 2007 wedding. Although Usher was the one who discovered Cuck Reptile Justin Bieber, it is Usher who plays the Subordinate Toy and/or Slave in their business relationship. Hence, to give the Reader an idea of how much Justin Bieber’s Influence dwarfs over his Magic Toy Negro, Usher; Justin Bieber has a higher score on the Clout online “influence” scale surpassing even President Barack Hussein Obama and The Dalai Lama. Usher tries to explain that he and Bieber both signed at the same age, “I had the chance to ramp up my success, where this has happened to Bieber abruptly.” Usher claims he appointed one of his former assistants, Ryan Good, to be Bieber’s “swagger coach”, who makes the Bieber Concoction appear “streetwise” and coaching Bieber on how to use ghetto slang and mannerisms like, (“Wassup man, how you doin’?” or “It’s like, you know, whateva’.”)e

Data Point #7: Michael Clarke Duncan rose to fame after his Leftist Liberal Reptilian Masters nominated him for an Oscar in “The Green Mile,” Where Mr. Duncan played opposite the ultimate Leftist Liberal Mangina named Tom Hanks who predicted that Michael Clarke Duncan’s subservient role as a Big Black Super Toy Synthetic Negro submitting to Liberal Authority would springboard his career into the stratosphere. But wait, after becoming the go to Toy Negro when Liberal Hollywood Directors needed a Synthetic-Black-Man to play a Big-Black-Brute in their films, Mr. Michael Clarke Duncan pursued and sought to marry a Treacherous Gold Digging Black Bitch by the name of Omarosa Manigault Stallworth Newman. Funny, Michael Clarke Duncan then drops dead from a massive heart attack. Something tells me that Michael Clarke Duncan amassed significant wealth by playing a Synthetic-Negro on the big screen, and since Hollywood Leftist Liberals got an epic performance from Michael Clarke Duncan in “The Green Mile” his wealth would serve them better in the hands of their Liberal Snake Operative, Omarosa. One must understand, the movie “The Green Mile” will soothe and comfort the Leftist Liberal Collective for generations to come. Therefore, since Michael Clarke Duncan was no-longer needed the Liberal Left sent in their #1 Operative and/or Agent (i.e. The Treacherous Gold Digging Black Bitch) to (1) Become the beneficiary over Michael Clarke Duncan’s wealth, and (2) assassinate Michael Clarke Duncan by exacerbating his hypertension and stress in order to cause Mr. Duncan’s Massive Heart Attack. This is right out of the How to kill Rodney King Handbook.  REMEMBER, THE SLAVE RESIDUE SUGGESTS THAT EVERY LEFTIST LIBERAL MANGINA WILL ALWAYS HAVE A LOYAL MAGIC TOY NEGRO AS A SIDEKICK.   

Data Point #8:

Data Point #10:

Data Point #11:

Data Point #12:

Data Point #13:

Data Point #14:

Data Point #15:

Data Point #16:







REAL RAPE “Derogatory Cory”





The data suggests that when the Black Man sells his soul to Leftist Liberals in order to mutate, morph, Shapeshift and/or transform into something other than himself, he enters a synthetic dimensional realm, and therefore, degrades his authenticity. Hence, the degradation of the Black Man’s authenticity causes disruptions in the Universal Laws of Nature and/or Quantum Order. Thus forcing the Universe to hasten the destruction and/or disintegration of this anomaly called “The Synthetic Toy Negro”. The Leftist Liberal Reptilian not only maintains its true nature, but the Demon-rat Liberal is able to expand and/or enhance the Demon-rat-Reptilian-Life-Span simply through the process of creating “Synthetic Toy Negro’s”. In that, the Liberal-Reptilian evades death by bombarding the Universe with “Synthetic Toy Negro’s”. This constant bombardment keeps the Universal Laws of Nature guessing and/or focused on the disintegration of “Synthetic Toy Negro’s”. And that is why and how the Leftist Mangina Reptilian lives a long dignified and prosperous life-style, and “The Synthetic Toy Negro” acting out-of-sync with the Universe, is relegated to a life of misery, turmoil and undignified disintegration. TAKE IT OR LET IT ALONE!