Referencing the video to the right: This is like the Daddy telling his son he ain't shit, and the son proves his Daddy wrong... Elijah Pool was just a Huckster who duped LOW IQ BLACK PEOPLE out of their money. Funny, Elijah Pool nor Wallace Fard (i.e., The NOI GOD IN PERSON) never used... Continue Reading → No one is trying to kill you Farrakhan. We just are no longer financing your heaven... Get out of our pockets, Clown! Looks like only 1,507 fearless viewers showed up, GODDAMN SHAME... Stop with your wolf tickets... I'll let it alone, Farrakhan has been saying the same old silly nonsense and nothing has ever... Continue Reading → WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE FINE SISTAH'S IN THE NATION OF ISLAM? BE CAREFUL BLACK MAN, THE FEMALES IN THE NATION OF ISLAM ARE EAGER TO SEPARATE BECAUSE THEY WANT TO ISOLATE AND CONTAIN THE BLACK MAN IN ORDER TO KEEP HIM FROM THE BEST PART OF HIS CREATION:. NOW THINK CRITICALLY, WOULD... Continue Reading →

THE NATION OF ISLAM OFFICIAL STATEMENT ON THE U.S. CAPITOL ASSAULT IN THE NAME OF OUR SPOOK "GOD" (i.e., ALLAH), THE PHANTUM, THE UNQUANTIFIABLE. April 6, 2021 "Brothers and Sisters of the Black Community, members of the press, and the American People: We have prepared this statement to answer some of the many inquiries that... Continue Reading → Louis Farrakhan Net Worth: Louis Farrakhan is an American religious huckster who has a net worth of $5 million (And still claims he is "suffering"). Farrakhan earned his net worth through duping Poor Black People out of their money. He really brought in the money during his "POWER" Tour in the early 90's. But his... Continue Reading →

FARRAKHAN AND HIS MINIONS ARE INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE AGAIN... "59,999 BOOKS OF SUPREME WISDOM, MY ASS!!! TAKE IT OR LET IT ALONE!!! Let's talk!!! So what if "WHITE MASSA BILL CLINTON" delayed assistance to the genocide in Rwanda!!! The actual fact is The NOI / F.O.I. failed to mobilize to Rwanda… Stop blaming the so-called... Continue Reading →

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