Is President Obama real? Or was any U.S. President prior to President Obama real? One cannot answer these questions in the affirmative if one has never been in a close and/or personal relationship with these individuals. I, like many of you, have received every image, perception, frame of reference and psychological construct pertaining to President Barack Hussein Obama from a Mass Media Contraption (i.e. Television, Radio and Newspaper.) Honestly, for all you and I perceptually know about President Obama is, he could be a Walt Disney and/or Hollywood Created Special Effects driven Animatronics Puppet, which frequents the stage we all know as The Mass Media. I personally have written to President Obama, but have yet to receive a response, which increases my skepticism and/or doubt that President Barack Hussein Obama is authentic and/or real. That being said, have you ever pondered the following questions, and grappled with the reality and/or the inability to provide incontrovertible evidence and/or answers that do not begin with phrases like, “I saw it on the news… I read in the newspaper… or I saw it on Television”. (Q1) Is Osama bin Laden dead? (Q2) Hell, did Osama bin Laden even exist prior to being broadcasted through The Mass Media as “The Ultimate Boogieman”? (Q3) Can a Country declare war on a tactic (i.e. Terrorism)? (Q4) Can Hollywood and its Special Effects Scientists re-create the 9/11 “Terrorist Attacks”? (Q5) If Walt Disney’s and/or Hollywood’s Special Effects Scientists can re-create the 9/11 “Terrorist Attacks”, why is it hard to comprehend the possibility that the 9/11 “Terrorist Attacks” were nothing more than Walt Disney and/or Hollywood Special Effects fabricated creations? (Q6) Have you ever been to Somali? (Q7) Do Somali Pirates exist? (Q8) Do Somali Pirates capture real hostages? (Q9) Did the U.S. Navy Seals really rescue the hostages that were captured by the Somali Pirates?

Unfortunately, you are not alone in your inability to answer the above questions in the affirmative. In that, you cannot answer in the affirmative because you have not personally witnessed the actions that initiated the questions in the first place. If you were to engage others in conversations pertaining to these questions you would only be regurgitating what you heard and/or viewed from the contraption known as The Mass Media (i.e. Television, Radio and Newspaper.) Now think back to when you were a child, and someone attempted to convince you that a “Boogieman” was present somewhere in your environment. Reflect on how the fear of that “Boogieman” influenced your behavior, as well as how the fear of that “Boogieman” forced you to seek refuge in the person who introduced you to that perception known as, “The Boogieman”. Now pose the question, why do those who control the contraption and/or the apparatus known as The Mass Media repetitively bombard the viewers psyche with so many forms of “The Boogieman”. Be that as it may, was it not conveniently coincidental for the Obama Campaign that “hostages” held by Somali Pirates were rescued before the 2012 State of the Union Address. Could it have been possible that the rescue was contrived? Notice if you will, that the information about the “hostages” were repetitively broadcasted via Mass Media, and one thing we know for sure is that, 99% of the Planets Population have no way to concretely verify the authenticity of what is broadcasted in the Belly of this Beast via Mass Media.

Final question to ponder, is a Magic Show worth watching, when the audience knows every illusion in the Magician’s Bag of tricks?

DISCLAIMER: You and I cannot prove the existence of President Barack Hussein Obama, and conversely, Obama cannot prove our existence. In the illustrious words of a Caucasian Grandmother named Irene Preddy, “Put that in your pipe and smoke it”.