Now we see these Treacherous-Black-Devil-Bitches in the movie “Steel Magnolias”, where these Black-Devil-Bitches have inculcated themselves in a classic feature film that had an all White Woman Cast. Hence, one only has the look back at Slavery and one will find that these Treacherous-Mammy-Bitches have always longed and desired to hold the same adorning position as White... Continue Reading →

WHY BLACK MEN DRESS-UP LIKE WOMEN AND SHAKE THEIR ASS’S FOR LEFTIST LIBERAL DEMON-RAT CUCKS… F%CK YOU WANDA! THIS IS WHAT YOU KNEELING BITCHES NEED TO PROTEST, STUPID MOTHAH-F%CKAH'S!  BITCH BUM QUEEN JAMES One must over and/or understand the conscious and subconscious fears of the Mainstream BETA SIMPS  in general, but the LEFTIST in particular. The ultimate fear of the Cuckafied Beta Simp is “Gynocentric Annihilation” In that, the So-called... Continue Reading →

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