Have you ever wondered how the Caucasoid-Controlled-Media chooses its Black Pundits? Well to know and understand this issue one must know and understand the Arch-types and/or the Psychological Embeds engrained within the Caucasoid Mind-Set that cause the Caucasoid Mind-Set to experience Bliss. Mind you, the Caucasoid-Mind-Set is constantly in search of Black Imagery and/or Black Caricatures that bring the Caucasoid Mind-Set into a state of “ZEN”. In that, Eugene Robinson is allowed to be a Black Pundit because he reminds the Caucasoid-Mind-Set of a cuddly and/or Caucasoid-Friendly Raccoon, and/or Coon to be exact. Professor James Peterson is allowed to serve as a Black Pundit because he possesses those overly distorted features which reminds the Caucasoid Mind-Set of Bill Cosby’s cartoon caricature known as Fat Albert. Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown is allowed to serve as a Black Pundit because he reminds the Caucasoid Mind-Set of that Buck-Dancing-Shuck-Jiving WB Frog. Donna Brazile is allowed to serve as a Caucasoid-Mental-Belly-Warmer because she reminds the Caucasoid Mind-Set of Esther Rolle who played a Caucasoid-Jesus-Loving-Mammy-Figure on “Good Times”. Of course we all know that, Robert Herbert reminds the Caucasoid-Collective of Frankenberry.

While Faggot-Ass LZ Granderson reminds the Caucasoid-Collective of that Stupid-Ass Lion from the Wizard of Oz. And the Brickleberry caricature named “Denzel” was directly fashioned by the hankerchief wearing Uncle Tom-Sambo, Dr. “MAKE MASSA FEEL GOOD” himself, Dr. Boyce Watkins.

Oh, and where in the hell did MSNBC’s, Melissa Harris-Perry find this Imara Jones Pundit, who basically personifies the Caucasoid-Mind-Set’s ideal: Klingon-Coon and/or Heraphrodite-Sambo and/or Flamboyant-Homosexual-Mammy-Figure. in the ilustrious word of Marvin Gay, “WHAT THE F%CK IS GOING ON?”

I mean God Damn, I know President Obama needs votes, but Hell, does he need support from every Social Missfit, that is a member of every Social-Dysfunctional and/or Psychological-Disordered-Group on this God-Damn-Planet?



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