• Why didn’t Mr. Cosby create a dignified Black cartoon?

  • What did Mr. Cosby know about the social and psychological reality of Black People in the minds of White People?

  • Who did Mr. Cosby pitch his cartoon to?

  • Who approved Mr. Cosby’s cartoon for air?

  • What discipline does Mr. Cosby hold a Ph D. in?

Dr. Bill Cosby rants about the ignorant condition Black People find themselves in. He expressed his discontent over irresponsible Black Parents and their out-of-control Black Children. Dr. Cosby blamed every facet of Black Destructive Behavior on “Institutional Racism”, yet Mr. Cosby did not once examine his own contributions to the plight of Black People. In that, Mr. Cosby does not have to look far in his own Brain Activity to see that, “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” are a mirrored reflection of the Black Youth he bashes in his disparaging soliloquies and rants about Black People in America. I mean really Mr. Cosby; you actually thought that portraying a group of destructive and counterproductive African-American Males “having a Good Time” in a junkyard was never going to “Come Home to Roost”. Hell Mr. Cosby, “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” represents the very reason Black Males are type casted as clowns, buffoons, and imbeciles in the mainstream media. One can see every distorted and exaggerated caricature from “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” manifested in Black Actors  in the 21st Century. Furthermore, Mr. Cosby needs to shut the hell up, for it was he and the Jew who gave him the platform and/or medium to feed and/or program the Black Brian Computer with his destructive cartoon called, “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids”. Mr. Cosby’s cartoon represents nothing more, than Mr. Cosby (THE SLAVE) providing comfortable and/or soothing images and/or entertainment for the Caucasian Brain Computer. Therefore, Mr. Cosby should be advised, that he must now accept the monster he had a hand in creating. Face it, “Dr.” Bill Cosby is nothing more than a, “HYPOCRITICAL…BITCH ASS…PUNK ASS, SLAVE! DOING TRICKS FOR, OR WITHIN HIS DEMON-RAT SLAVE MASTERS PLANTATION PARADIGM”.


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