JOKE/FACT: How many Psychologists does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: Only one, but the process is time consuming; it costs an enormous amount of money, and ultimately the light bulb has to want to change.

Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil know for a fact that, it does not take an infinite number of “Therapeutic Hours and/or Sessions” to solve the Humanoid condition. Think about it, the Psychologist, or should I say “The Quackologest”, who in many cases, is just as Psychotic and/or Psychologically Deranged as his/her Patient whom the “Psychologist” has deemed and/or labeled Psychotic. Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil know that there is big money to be made in the prolonging and/or maintenance of Socio-Pathological Disorders amongst Intellectually Inept Humanoids. Hence, these two Psychiatric Quacks are in it for the money, and they come right out of the bag of tricks called “Quackology”, in that, the Quackologist’s must first convince his/her patient that he/she is an authority and/or expert in order to garner the patients total and/or absolute faith, belief and/or trust. Once the patient has placed total trust in the Quack, the Quack begins to manipulate and/or dupe the patient towards never ending so-called, “Psychological Therapy”. Think about it, these clowns hold some kind of Certificate which ordains and/or grants them the so-called “Authority and/or Prognosis Capability” to issue “Labels” upon Humanoids who, in many cases, are Intellectually Challenged and/or Mentally Retarded. And for those of you who find it hard to believe the aforementioned statement, you are asked to thoroughly examine the Cliental of these two Quackologist’s. In that, one will find that many of their clients are easily suggestible, intellectually lethargic, emotionally spent, developmentally delayed and psychologically vulnerable due to some form of early childhood trauma. All of which, are prime Psychological Dynamics and/or Humanoid Conditions that clearly wet the manipulative appetites for magicians, soothsayers, hypnotists and/or Quackologist’s like, Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil. So, you may be wondering exactly, how do Bitch Ass Psychologist’s like, Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil, do their dirty work, right? Allow me to explain, these Quack’s do their dirty work through the power of “Labeling”. In that, “Labels” like: Psychotic, Bipolar, Addict, Anti-Social, Manic Depression, Clinically Depressed, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, and the list goes on. Hence, once the art of issuing and/or maintaining these “Labels” have been fully mastered, the Quackologist secures a steady and/or residual flow of revenue. Therefore, one should not expect a cure from these disorders anytime soon, there is simply too much money riding on “Labels” issued by Quack’s like Dr. Drew and/or Dr. Phil. Furthermore, a cure for any of these “Quack Imposed Labels” would emphatically diminish the Bottom-Line and/or Endless Revenue Stream of the Quackologist. If one doubts the fact that Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil are nothing more than “Crack-Pot Quackologist’s”, one should ask these clowns to Psycho-Analyze SSGT. Robert Bales’ Psychotic Impulse to indiscriminately murder (17) seventeen innocent men, women and children. This is a Pathological realm the Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil will not dear touch because a topic of this magnitude will not only force them to examine the thought process that goes into the planning, executing and sustainment of the American Military Industrial Complex, but it will expose the fact that, Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil are incompetent frauds. Moreover, it would expose Dr. Drew’s and Dr. Phil’s own neurotic tendencies and/or blood thirsty desires to serve as agent provocateurs and/or co-conspirators who are directly in cahoots with the American Military Industrial Complex and/or the Caucasoid War Mongering Mentality. So the Psycho-Dynamics of War is a taboo topic that Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil are bound to never explore. Instead Quackologist’s like Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil use their so-called “Authority and/or Expertise” to make outlandish statements like, “Once an addict, always an addict”. These Quack’s even recommend that the so-called, “Addict” attend meetings where the first words out of the so-called, “Addicts’ mouth is, “Hi, my name is [“Addicts” Name] and I am an Addict”. That statement alone serves to self-program, self-indict and/or self-convict the so-called, “Addict” to the inevitable Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of eternal and/or perpetual guilt, shame, hopelessness, and/or helplessness, which reinforces the so-called, “Addicts” perpetual dependency and/or connectivity to so-called, “Experts” like, Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil. Hence, the Guilt Trip’s and/or Stigma’s that are attached and/or psychologically etched in the mind of the so-called, “Addict” are extremely hard to detach and/or disengage from because the so-called, “Addict” was “Labeled an “Addict” by so-called, “Authorities and/or Experts” like Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil.

Note: Higher minds are hereby encouraged to challenge fraudulent Quack’s like Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil. Be advised, the common man and woman have access to the same Psychological Reference Material as these Quackologist’s. So you should read and ordain yourself an “Authority and/or Expert” in the realm of Psychology, and put an end to the Quackery perpetrated by Bitch Ass Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil.


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  1. I haven’t read the entire article yet, but what I gleamed from it was a misunderstanding and a lot of conjecture. Now, people who seek psychiatric help, are not always psychologically scarred individuals. Some times they just succumb to stress, and therefore need help handling that stress. And also, people with mental illnesses or personality disorders aren’t all idiots – ever heard of John Nash? He had schizophrenia, and he was a mathematical genius, there’s even a movie about his struggles with his illness. So, it would be erroneous to assume that having a mental illness would mean someone is in any way intellectually handicapped. And lastly, your statement of psychologically handicapped people being vacuous is rather ironic, seeing as you use the word wet in place of whet – I know I’m nitpicking, but so were you.

    Anyway, the real reason I came on here was that I was tricked into believing you were going to deconstruct the interactions between Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew and their patients, when in fact you were just babbling incessantly – not that I wasn’t laughing – until you became very insensitive and marginalised an already negligable group of people. You can be humorous without being insulting.

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