Do the Zionist Controlled Media and the Pitchmen for the U.S. Government think that the American People are stupid? Apparently they do, allow me to explain…

Think about it, in one breath the Zionist Controlled Media exploits the fact that “Terrorist Groups” are reaching a level of bomb making sophistication that has National Security Agencies on edge; yet at the same time, the Zionist Controlled Media dismisses the fact that the Obesity Rate in America is capable of causing greater damage and/or destruction in America, than if 10,000 Underwear Bombs were to reach their “Perceived” Intended Targets. In that, according to Governmental Pitchmen, “Terrorist Groups like Al-Qaeda are in decline because America has taken the fight to them”. On the contrary, “Terrorist Groups” are in decline because they have done the math, and factored in the American Obesity Rate. Hence, “Terrorist Groups” have calculated the fact that McDonalds and Coke Cola are far more efficient at killing their enemy than they would ever be. In that, think of how inefficient and time consuming it is to sit in a cave constructing a bomb and then having to devise a strategic plan to transport that bomb to its intended target. Can it be that the “Concept of Terrorism” which American’s have been conditioned to believe in, is merely a figment of, the American Public’s imagination, but even worse, a figment in the mind’s eye of the fabricators and/or creator of this concept the Zionist Controlled Media refers to as “Terrorism”?

Think about it, the Zionist Controlled Media wants the American Public to believe that there are individuals who are in possession of an (IQ) Intelligence Quotient capable of constructing bombs, but cannot comprehend, analyze and/or synthesize statistical data surrounding the Obesity Rate in America; is this not fascinating? I mean this shit is laughable because if I despised America the way the Zionist Controlled Media say’s these so-called, ‘Terrorist Groups” despise America, I would NOT be constructing bombs. Instead I would be eating healthy and investing heavily in Corporate Obesity Manufacturers like McDonalds and Coke Cola, as well as preparing for the day when America is too fat and/or lethargic to move her Fat Diabetic and/or Obese fingers to operate the controls for her PREDATOR DRONES, and therefore, unable to sustain her status as a SUPER POWER.

I just had an AH-HAH, it appears that America too has crunched the numbers concerning her Obesity Rate, and has come to the realization that she intends to Bomb every “NON-WHITE NATION” back to the non-competitive stone-age simply because her future competitiveness is looking more-and-more dire and/or bleak. Shit, God Damn! Something must land on this F%CKED-UP PLANET and F%CK THIS CAUCASOID and HIS REPTILIAN MINIONS UP!

Oops, I think Obesity is that something…lol

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