ISRAEL and/or IS-RAEL… Hummm! Sounds like a question and/or a Hyper-Declarative Statement such as, IS REAL and/or IS IT REAL? Hence, the word “IS-RAEL” is uttered similar to the way a child attempts to convince his/her peer’s that he/she no-longer wets the bed. Well let’s pose the question, IS ISRAEL REAL? Or is “ISRAEL” merely the antecedent word that is uttered just before a lever and/or trigger is pulled, similar to when a Magician utters the phrase “ABRA-CADABRA” just before he pulls a rabbit out of his hat? Stand-by for further analysis on the word “ISREAL”. Now let’s go after the technological rational of this Caucasoid-Reptilian-Zionist-Apex-Predator.


Is-Rael bombing of Gaza, Hollywood Effects, War and rumors of War, Torsion Fields, Electro-Magnetic Frequencies, Electronic Magnetic Spectrum, Telephone Poles and/or Power-Lines, Vaccines, Psychotropic Medication and Genetically Modified Foods, Helicopters Flying Over and Predator Drone Technology.

Is there an over lapping cause and effect link between the above technological inventions, and Humanoid Dysfunction such as: Learning Disabilities, Humanoid Stupidity, Psychotic Disorders, “Demonic” Possessions, Stress and Anxiety?


Or better yet, what exactly does a Caucasoid-Reptilian like Billy “THE SNAKE” Gates know and understand about the Non-Caucasoid-Humanoids Natural Frequency Connectivity to the Universe? Moreover, why is the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator desperately trying to disrupt and/or disturb the Natural Frequency Connections between the Non-Caucasoid-Humanoid and the Universe?

Surely, we can agree that the technological inventions created by the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator are overtly and/or covertly immersed in over arching themes that suggests that they have no other purpose, other than to: decouple, disrupt, disturb, manipulate, isolate, contain and control, any and all, natural connective frequencies between the Non-Caucasoid-Humanoid, and the Universe, or what some would refer to as “The Mind of the Supreme Being”. Let us not forget that, as the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Zionist-Apex-Predator achieves great technological superiority, concepts like: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Paranormal Phenomenon, Higher Consciousness and/or what some refer to as “Spirituality” begin to fade. Stand-by for further analysis, as data is being deciphered.

Be advised, this train is moving at that speed of 76 Trillion Thoughts per Nano-Second, should you fail to keep up, then by default, Charles Darwin’s theory on “Natural Selection” is both mandated and authorized to isolate, dissect, analyze and prep you for total and absolute eradication and/or deletion from all Space-Time Dimensions. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you disconnect and/or detach from consuming and/or ingesting the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Zionist-Apex-Predator’s Death Traps and/or Brain Frequency Disruptors (i.e. Meat and Dairy Products, Drugs (Recreational and Prescription), Alcoholic Beverages, Vaccines and Television) used to destabilize the Non-Caucasoid Humanoid.

Transmission has been disconnected…

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