I happen to hear a news announcer say, “If you buy Fireworks, do not store them. Instead, as soon as you buy Fireworks you should use them”.

As people are starving all around the world, yet American’s are planning to waste money on Fireworks and explode them on the 4th of July. And American’s wonder why people all over the planet are strapping bombs to their bodies in hopes of F%CKING ANYTHING AMERICAN UP.

Does this not demonstrate the insanity hypocrisy within the mind’s eye of the so-called American Conservationists? In that, even though American Households are on the brink of Bankruptcy and/or Financial Ruin, they stand ready to pay their limited resources on, NOT food, clothing and shelter, but on Fireworks to explode on the 4th of July. Fireworks, that when lit with fire, go up in a puff of smoke. Holy-God-Damn-Shit, these Stupid-Ass so-called American Conservationists would be better off if they were to take half of the money they spend on Fireworks and buy some rotten apples, while they pile the other half of the money in the street and set it on fire, at-least these Dumb-Ass American’s could eat the rotten apples, acquire a stomach virus, go on a medically related vacation and charge it to Obama-care. Hell, it’s the American way, RIGHT?

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