Archetypal Memory: The origins of the archetypal hypothesis date back as far as Plato. Jung himself compared archetypes to Platonic ideas. Plato’s ideas were pure mental forms that were imprinted in the soul before it was born into the world. They were collective in the sense that they embodied the fundamental characteristics of a thing rather than its specific peculiarities. The Platonist Jewish philosopher Philo of Alexandria used the term to describe the Imago Dei, and the Gallic Christian theologian Irenaeus of Lyons used the term to describe the act of Creation. The concept of psychological archetypes was advanced by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. In Jung’s psychological framework archetypes are innate, universal prototypes for ideas and may be used to interpret observations. A group of memories and interpretations associated with an archetype is a complex, for example, the mother complex associated with the mother archetype. Jung treated the archetypes as psychological organs, analogous to physical ones in that both are morphological constructs that arose through evolution.

According to Nation of Islam mythology a deity figure by the name of Yakub grew dissatisfied with the “Original” Inhabitants of the planet earth, and therefore, utilized the sciences of Magnetic Attraction and Genetic Engineering to graph out of the “Original” inhabitants the present day humanoids known as Caucasians. The current leader of the Nation of Islam known as the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has psychologically embedded the Yakub ferry tail into his followers in an attempt to enhance their self-concept. Minister Lewis Farrakhan often gives fantastic and grandiose sermons which speak of a day when Blacks will rule the planet. According to the laws of Physics, matter and Anti-Matter cannot enter the same space without causing a cataclysmic event. Can it be that those who classify themselves as Black and those who classify themselves as White are by nature diabolically opposed to each other? Think for a moment, if amalgamation of White and Black were fully realized then Black and White, like Matter and Anti-Matter would cause a cataclysmic event by melding and diluting their “authentic and/or original” genome, and thus nullifying race as the prerequisite or pre-determinant of societal groupings or criterion for prejudice.

SIDE NOTE: Those who classify themselves as Black and those who classify themselves as White go to extremes to maintain and preserve a “pure” bloodline in order to maintain religious, social and psychological divisions. For example, the Palestinian and Israeli conflict involves two Semitic groups who possess similar racial and ethnic characteristics to the point that it is difficult to tell them apart, yet both are psychologically predisposed to the total destruction of each other. Clearly, this is a topic for another time however, I will validate this section with the following observation. The Oppressor cannot justify social, religious and psychological dominion if the people being oppressed look exactly like the Oppressor.

Now back to the topic at hand, the gentleman to your left is the Nation of Islam’s Deity, known as Master Fard Mohammad. According to the Nation of Islam Master Fard Mohammad came from Arabia to the United States of America on February 26, 1877. I want you to pay close attention to Master Fard Mohammad’s tie, and then reflect on what you have learned about Archetypal Memory. Now watch as Master Fard Mohammad’s tie comes to life in 1969 as Jimmy’s Magic Flute in the popular television show called H.R. Pufnstuf. You may be saying to yourself, “Dr. Bomani, this is merely a haphazard reach”. Good, that mean you are able to engage in critical thinking. Follow me as I elaborate and pose some questions. Surely, it took a great mind to contemplate exactly how to capture and place the mind into a box? Once the mind is in a box, how then does one extract the mind from the box? Or how does one train the mind to transcend the box? What if the mind does not want to leave the box? What if the mind love and adores its box that it will die on behalf of the box? One cannot fully comprehend the depths of these questions until the experiment has been completed. Therefore, to initiate the experiment one simply exposes the box, and then watch the brain cells begin to bust and/or break the influence the box has on the mind. The experimenter than observes, collects data and report the findings. What the reader is experiencing right now is what is called an “AH HA”, or total and absolute denial infuriating the reader to act and refute what has entered the readers mind. Surely, the Battle in the Sky is in full effect.




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