Questions The Nation of Islam Fails to ANSWER – SAVIOURS DAY 2017


Be advised you will be right back here in 2018, 2019 and 2020, listening to the Same old Protective Redundant Bull-Shit. Sir, I wish You and Other Preachers would give us the address and/or GPS Coordinates to these Abstract Concepts called: Devil, Satan, JESUS/GOD/ALLAH, THEY and Oppressor. Sir, it is TIME to put the Bible and Quran down. I recommend you stick to the theme of “Making The Black Community a Clean and Safe Place to Live”. Sir, you have been praying to your Deity for approximately 60 to 70 years, and all due respect but, you have cancer. My only question to you Sir, is: Why does the so-called Asiatic Black Man continue to worship a Deity that (If Real) never tends to hear The Asiatic Black Man’s prayers? I pose such a question because you being a so-called “Minister or Gods Man” who speaks on behalf of your Deity, whereas, your Deity never speaks for itself. I use the pronoun “IT” when referring to your Deity because none have proven your Deity, Male or Female.  I am confused, how can something (Your Deity) that is all-powerful, omnipresent and omnipotent not speak for itself, instead your Deity needs a so-called “Imperfect Being (i.e. Man and/or Woman)” to speak on its behalf? Furthermore, why am I qualified to pose these questions, as though your Deity never thought, fathomed or knew someone would ever  be uttering such questions? All due respect Sir, but, your logic defies all reason and logic. Notice how Farrakhan is extremely careful in lectures to speak vaguely and abstractly when it comes to his Call for Revolution. Notice how Farrakhan, will speak on Politics and Politicians. And then quickly revert back to silly scriptures and tries to tie the Zealot Listener into the scripture in hopes of Inflaming and igniting the Zealot Listener to act. It’s really hard to believe that The Nation of Islam has been around for approximately 80 years and The Nation of Islam has nothing but Lectures to offer the so-called “Children of God/Israel”. Face it, The Nation of Islam is a Dead Concept like its counterpart, Christianity. I am not in the Church, Mosque, Synagogue or Cathedral, therefore, the Church, Mosque, Synagogue or Cathedral are in decline. “Love” is Abstract Emotional Bull-Shit. Why does your Deity (i.e. JESUS) need you to speak on its behalf? Surely, your Deity can speak, right? If so, why should anyone be listening to you (i.e. The Middle Man)?

I recently asked Bro. Ben X, from The Nation of Islam,bro-ben-x what is the Net Worth of The Nation of Islam? He replied with, why do you want to know? So, I replied with: The reason I ask is simply to do the math on actually how many Black Males The Nation of Islam can put on Payroll. Also, surely those at the upper Echelon of The Nation of Islam are investing your donations, and therefore, should have a Running Prospectus, and a Rate of Return on your charitable contributions. Furthermore, You know, the days of blindly following are long and gone. You really are not authorized to claim, “Supreme Wisdom”. While at the same time, you are in the dark fatas to where your Charitable Contributions are going. As well as why, you are not reaping any benefits? And if you do Benefit, why does Farrakhan continue with the same old Protective Redundant Rhetoric. “ADD IT UP!” Oh, and just in case you Clowns are concerned about Your Slave Master and his White Privilege, here are your instructions: White Privilege = White Genetic Survival. Black Man you can never expect Full Unconditional Equality Among White Men. If that were the case, the White Man would be ceiling his FATE. I recommend you study Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, and discontinue the drive or need to force or encourage White Men to accept you. I also recommend to all Black Men, that you impregnate as many White Women (No matter how Fat) and hope you can maintain the allegiance of those Half-Original OffSpring.

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