Is The Nation of Islam’s Concept of GOD Relevant? Let us push “ALLAH” to the limit of ultimate destruction… Black People need to go Rogue on everything that does not work on their behalf.

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Sir, it is 2017, The GOD Approach is DEAD. All due respect, but you/Black People have been calling on GOD for approximately 88 years, and your condition has not changed in 88 years. Let’s push this BITCH Ass GOD, you speak of, to the limit. Let’s say F%ck you GOD, Do something you actionless, insufficient Punk Ass no good Mothah-F%cking SO-CALLED GOD. About 17:25 in Farrakhan is a bit irresponsible in his comments. Listen to Cliff trying to guide Farrakhan away from his unproductive comments.  Let us not forget Farrakhan, your so-called “Friend” [Muammar Gaddafi] said, “ONCE A RULER BECOMES RELIGIOUS, IT BECOMES IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO DEBATE WITH HIM. ONCE SOMEONE RULES IN THE NAME OF RELIGION, YOUR LIVES BECOME HELL”.

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