You only “STRUGGLE” because Farrakhan Guilts and Shames you away from Peace. We always see this Clown at The Podium, make the NOI take the camera back stage..UNCUT AND RAW.

“STRUGGLE” why? In my experience one only experiences “STRUGGLE” when Clown Ass Preachers are setting up a “GOD”, “MESSENGER”, “MESSIAH” and/or “MAHDI” in your and my homes. Oh, let us not forget that No Minister or Preacher like Farrakhan can tell you and I exactly when “THE STRUGGLE” will come to an end. I will never marry a Bitch who enters My home referencing a God-Damn “PREACHER”, “GOD”, “MESSENGER”, “MESSIAH” or “MAHDI” in my home. I will be the ONLY high order individual and/or authority in my HOME, or no woman will ever enter my HOME, GO MGTOW!

You see, that is the Problem, too many agents from the Church, Kingdom Hall, Cathedral and Mosque are inside your home, sizing you up. F%ck the Church, Kingdom Hall, Cathedral and Mosque and deal with the reality that these entities have no proven track record of solving community plights. Think about it, these Entities have modestly, or by using a low-ball number of years, existed in the Community for say, 50 (Fifty) years, and over that time span the social ills in the Community have unarguably increased. It is TIME now to keep that Religious Bull-Shit out of your HOME. The number one reason Religion is DEAD, is simply because none of them can quantify and qualify, empirically or anecdotally any improvements in the Community since their inception in the Community. Actually, the social ills in the Community have gotten worse while the Church, Kingdom Hall, Cathedral and Mosque have presided in the Community. Therefore, F%ck The Church, Kingdom Hall, Cathedral and Mosque. The sooner you drop all Bull-Shit Religion the better off you will be. So stop letting Punk Ass Preachers and Ministers like Louis Farrakhan and Creflo Dollar Guilt and Shame you into following them or showing up to hear more Guilt Trips at their Institution. Let us not forget that Farrakhan’s so-called “Friend” [Muammar Gaddafi] said, “ONCE A RULER BECOMES RELIGIOUS, IT BECOMES IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO DEBATE WITH HIM. ONCE SOMEONE RULES IN THE NAME OF RELIGION, YOUR LIVES BECOME HELL”

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