Caucasoid Woman does an Al Jolson 180 Degree Transformation, and is criminally charged with child neglect because her Caucasoid Daughter told school officials she received her sunburn at the tanning salon. What the hell is going on? Shit, I remember a time when Psychopaths like Michael Jackson went Gaga-Goo-Goo over trying to look like his Jehovah’s Witness Caucasoid Deity. Now, the State is angry at the Caucasoid Woman for the irony of her Psychosis. In that, this Caucasoid Woman probably would never allow “Non-White Humanoids” to set-foot in her Gated Community, yet she is willing to forfeit her children to the State as long as she can be the Blackest Caucasoid in her “Lilly-White” Gated Community. You cannot make this shit up; oh and don’t hold your breath waiting for Bitch Ass Obama to hold a “Beer Summit” with this Caucasoid Woman in order to get to the root of her, and/or the Caucasoid Collectives Psychotic Tendencies. In that, based on the evidence, the Caucasoid dreams and/or desires to be as close to “Non-White” as they can be, while at the same time, they murder, and deprive justice to, “Non-White Humanoids” like Trayvon Martin. Laugh out loud, but surely, something must land on this F%CKED-UP Planet and F%CK this Caucasoid up.


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