FTDAnother fatality of Men Going Their Own Way! Florists Transworld Delivery (FTD,) the century old flower company FTD is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection following a rough Valentine’s Day, where men are opting out of marriage and relationships with Females. FTD plans to break up it’s operations because The MGTOW Philosophy and Red Pilling are like the winds under the wings of a mighty Phoenix (i.e. MGTOW.) Originally called the Florists Telegraph Delivery Association and founded in 1910, FTD has failed to turn a profit in four years, thanks to MGTOW of course. Earlier today, FTD Co. said that it has sold its North America and Latin America businesses, and has also sold its Interflora business in the U.K. to a subsidiary of The Wonderful Company. Flowers currently on order will still be delivered. But may go under if White Knights, Mangina’ and BETA Simps start taking Red Pills, or experience Divorced Rape. FTD first started as a network of U.S. florists who used telegraph communication to trade out-of-town orders in 1910. It operated as a non-profit until 1994. As the internet disrupted the industry, and The MGTOW Philosophy grew like wildfire, FTD tried the gain advantage by purchasing a parent company of one of those chief disruptors, rival ProFlowers, for more than $400 million in 2014. But the company struggled to integrate the two businesses, and the $120 million of debt that it took on to fund the acquisition became increasingly burdensome. But the advent of MGTOW became like a boot of FTD’s economic neck and now the Floral Business Industry is in a full state of collapse.




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