Brother Frank 3x Muhammad Mosque # 23(first calling). says: [September 7, 2019 at 19:16 BLOG POST]  you are either a devil or a cronic victim of white racist rape of the Black Man’s natural God given mind…may Allah grant u the light of understanding and may he serverly punish the “skunk of the planet Earth”how dare u dis light skin N.O.I.people in the struggle ,all our mothers & grandmothers were raped fool.

HASHIM THE DREAM issues a response: First of all, it appears that Muhammad’s University of Islam has granted you poor writing mechanics. Now allow me to go after your silly statement with EXTREME PREJUDICE! You state: “all our [SPEAK FOR YOURSELF] mothers & grandmothers were raped!” Ahhh, so you agree that The High Yellow, Light Bright Damn Near White Clowns in The Nation of Islam can trace their bloodline right back to the so-called “Devil,” or as you clowns so eloquently refer to as your “Natural Enemy.” So Funny! Face it Clown, the HIGH YELLOW, LIGHT BRIGHT DAMN NEAR WHITE MOTHAH-F%CKAHS IN THE NATION OF ISLAM ARE PLAYING THE BLUE BLACK 666 TRILLION BLACK MIDNIGHTS and/or SO-CALLED “ASIATIC BLACK MAN” IN THE NATION OF ISLAM, IN THE VERY SAME WAY YOUR CAUCASOID GRANDADDY PLAYED YOU CLOWNS ON THE PLANTATION DURING SLAVERY. CAN YOU SAY “BIBLE? THE SAME BOOK YOUR “CAUCASOID CREATION AND/OR DEVIL” GRANDADDY USED DURING SLAVERY TO KEEP THE SLAVE AS PASSIVE AS A CHURCH MOUSE… CLOWN, IT IS 2019 AND YOU BELIEVE WHOLEHEARTEDLY IN THOSE FAIRYTALES FARRY-CON EXTRACTS FROM A BOOK CALLED “BIBLE!” GET THE F%CK OUTTA HERE!

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