The America Suckers receive a measly $600.00 from their so-called “Representatives” while non-taxpaying illegal aliens and foreign countries receive the lion share of a so-called “COVID RELIEF BILL”. According to President Trump, “It’s called the COVID Relief Bill, but it has almost nothing to do with COVID,” Trump said. “This bill contains $85.5 million for assistance to Cambodia, $134 million to Burma, $1.3 billion for Egypt and the Egyptian military, which will go out and buy almost exclusively Russian military equipment. $25 million for democracy and gender programs in Pakistan, $505 million to Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. $40 million for the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, which is not even open for business. $1 billion for the Smithsonian and an additional $154 million for the National Gallery of Art. Likewise, these facilities are essentially not open.” ALL OF WHICH WILL BE LAUNDERED AND KICKED BACK TO THE VERY SAME CORRUPT POLITICIANS WHO WROTE THE SO-CALLED “COVID RELIEF BILL”!!!

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