Hey RO-RO did not Cumala Harris tell you Clowns to your face the she will give you Reparations? Why are you scared to hold her to her own words? RO-RO and these Race Hustling Clowns are scared because Massa Joe Biden is opening the Southern Border, and Black People will never be a viable voting block on the Demon-rat plantation ever again!!! MS-13 is coming to a Black Community near you! Hey Race Husting Clowns, Massa Joe Biden said “YOU AIN’T BLACK”. Why so quiet when it comes to Massa Joe Biden? Massa Joe Biden told you, Black People are not diverse like the Hispanic Population! Biden’s MS-13 and his Illegal Aliens are on their way to America to replace Black America… Hint, MS-13 will work for $10/hour… Face the facts, the Demon-rates no longer need Black People… And President Trump was the best thing that ever happened to Black People!!! Black People you are now obsolete! The Congressional Black Caucus can’t do a Goddamn thing about it… TURN OUT THE LIGHT BLACK PEOPLE!!! “POWER” which you no longer have BLACK PEOPLE! HMMMM, where did BLM go? Can’t seem to find BLM anywhere! Wait, the mere fact that you Race Hustling Clowns are not wishing for a return to Osama-OBAMA is tell, it appears Osama-Obama was Missing In Action when it came to Black America during his Presidency. During the 2020 election you clowns said Joe Biden was your second coming. Why are you so concerned about what Massa Joe Biden Promised you?… Surely, Massa Biden will not let you down? Yet, you Race Hustling Hacks sound as thought Massa Biden and The Demon-rat Party are ignoring you! Funny, you Clowns quote from FBI Data & Studies and at the same time screed bloody hell over Cointelpro and how FBI Director James Comey caused Massa Hilary Clinton to lose the Presidency in 2016. You are a fickle Low IQ People!

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