You mean to tell me that this F%cking Gorilla gets Priority Treatment under what looks like a High End Platinum Healthcare Plan and I/WE humanoids/American Citizens have to pay out of the ass and/or an Arm and A Leg for Bull-Shit Mediocre Healthcare… GET THE F%CK OUT OF HERE YOU F%CKING DECEPTIVE BUREAUCRATIC HACKS!!! Oh the F%cking Irony, is this NOT a Kick in the F%cking Teeth from the OSAMA-OBAMA? Especially, as it pertains to the Debate over Health Care in America? The American People want to know: Who in the Hell is footing the Bill for this God-Damn Gorilla? Come on! House Minority GOP Republican Party and Stupid Ass Majority Democrat Party. The American People at least desire the same Health Care Plan as this F%cking Gorilla! F%cking Idiots!!! 

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