F%CK Toran Grays of Extraordinary Banana Pudding for Disrespecting The La Mesa Police Department…

Bitch Ass Toran Grays:

Banned La Mesa Police Department from his Extraordinary Banana Pudding Business located at: 8257 El Paso street, La Mesa, CA 91941 and 1208 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90813 because in Grays, Black Lives Matter Convoluted Perspective, the disrespectful Punk Bitch in the video was unjustly detained… Well Mr. Toran Grays we law abiding Citizens and Patriots who respect Law Enforcement and Authority will not be Patronizing your Bull-Shit Anti-Cop Business anymore… Bitch Ass Toran Grays wants to disrespect our Police but will be the first Punk Bitch calling on Law Enforcement when Black Lives Matter and Antifa show up to burn his Bull-Shit Business down. F%CK YOU BLM THUGS!

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