Sorry sack of libtard shit Mark Ridley-Thomas, has been indicted on federal charges for taking bribes from a U.S.C. dean, Marilyn Louise Flynn. Nicknamed the “THE MAN OF MALFEASANCE”, Mark Ridley-Thomas, was a South Los Angeles councilman who has been a force in the city’s political establishment for more than a generation: a state lawmaker, a county supervisor and a city councilman twice has been raping, robbing and pillaging the Los Angeles Taxpayer for nearly 50-years.

In the past several years, Mark Ridley-Thomas been feckless on homelessness and less than two months ago, Mark Ridley-Thomas was considered too corrupt to be a prospective mayoral candidate.

Now, in a federal grand jury indictment, prosecutors had conclusively evidence that in 2017, when Mark Ridley-Thomas was on the county’s powerful Board of Supervisors, Mark Ridley-Thomas supported millions of dollars in public contracts for the University of Southern California in exchange for a deal in which the university would give a full-tuition scholarship and a paid professorship to an unnamed “relative” whom The FBI revealed as Mark Ridley-Thomas’ son, Sebastian Ridley-Thomas.

Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, now 34, was at the time a state legislator facing #MeToo sexual harassment accusations. Sebastian Ridley-Thomas had resigned from the California Assembly in 2017 citing health problems and reemerged several months later as a professor of social work and public policy at U.S.C. despite the lack of a graduate degree.

The 20-count indictment charges that Mark Ridley-Thomas had conspired with Marilyn Louise Flynn, a former dean in the U.S.C. school of social work, to channel contracts with the county’s enormous probation, children’s services and mental health departments to U.S.C. in return for his son Sebastian Ridley-Thomas’ Lucrative Professorship at U.S.C. The indictment charges that Mark Ridley-Thomas also wanted U.S.C. to help him facilitate a Ponzi scam disguised as a nonprofit organization that would be run by Mark Ridley-Thomas’ “relative” and underwritten with campaign funds.

The school of social work, the indictment says, was facing a multimillion-dollar budget deficit that threatened both its finances and Dean Marilyn Louise Flynn’s position and reputation. After reports in The Los Angeles Times and an internal university investigation, U.S.C. reportedly fired Sebastian Ridley-Thomas in 2018. A subsequent investigation commissioned by the State Assembly found that Sebastian Ridley-Thomas had “more likely than not” sexually harassed two legislative staff members during the four years he had been representing his Los Angeles County district.

U.S.C.’s reputation has taken a pummeling lately, including a $1.1 billion payout for accusations of sexual misconduct by its campus gynecologist, and federal convictions against two parents for participating in a bribery scheme to have their children fraudulently admitted as athletic recruits. Mark Ridley-Thomas was in cahoots and a top ringleader in the College Admissions Bribery Scam with Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin.

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