What kind of mental anguish was Michael Jackson experiencing that required Mr. Jackson to undergo heavy sedation, even to the point of death?

Social Scientists like Dr. Drew feed the public superficial and safe psychological niceties about the psychopathic condition of Michael Jackson because Dr. Drew knows that the slightest scrutiny of the reality of Michael Jackson’s pathology would put a damper on Dr. Drew’s financial security. Michael Jackson was an African-American male who grew so psychotic that he executed a total physiological transformation because his broad nose and dark pigmentation proved too much of a threat to the  Mainstream Caucasian Collective. One must deal with the fact that Michael Jackson could have never entered the stage to the magnitude that he did, had he not demonstrated total and/or absolute allegiance to soothing and/or comforting the Caucasian psyche. The fact of the matter is Michael Jackson’s loathing and self-hate towards his original characteristics are now represented as a counter productive and/or destructive caricature etched in the hearts and minds of indigenous humanoids all over the planet. Michael Jackson’s transformation into a being with Caucasoid features continues to be counterproductive and/or destructive for the mental health and psychological stability of African-Americans in general, and African-American children in particular. Furthermore, Michael Jackson’s Caucasoid image is, but a permanent stain in the global collective consciousness. One does not have to look far in the Mainstream Caucasian Collective to locate the hidden desires of, particularly, Caucasian men, to see themselves as the root of civilization, for example, almost all anthropological texts produced by Caucasian men, make a concerted effort to view the origin of man in a Caucasian light. Michael Jackson reinforces this notion because despite evidence that civilization began amidst darker complected beings, Michael Jackson’s psychopathic desire to become 180 degrees opposite his person, registers in the Caucasian psyche as, “we must be god because the very man who brought us the concept of god now wants to look like us”. One must deal with the reality, that Michael Jackson represented the litmus test for all darker complected humanoids, whose self-concept hungers for acceptance into the Mainstream Caucasian Collective Consciousness. Dr. Bomani postulates that the only thing holding darker complected humanoids from engaging in the same physiological transformation that Michael Jackson went through is simply, a lack of resources. Dr. Bomani likens Michael Jackson to a Walt Disney puppet named Pinocchio, in that, Pinocchio wanted to be a real boy, where as Michael Jackson represented the epitome of the hidden desires of darker complected humanoids, in that, the desire to become as close to white is so great amongst darker complected humanoids, that the only things holding back a vitiligo (skin condition which there is a loss of pigmentation) pandemic are insufficient resources and zero access to Cadillac health care coverage. Social Scientists, refuse to examine Michael Jackson for what he represents because calling Michael Jackson a psychopath would disrupt the pathological stability for billions of humanoids who live vicariously through Michael Jackson’s creative residue. Michael Jackson’s finale film called “This Is It” showed Michael Jackson getting played and/or punked into performing.  Michael Jackson was like uncle Joe at Christmas time, when uncle Joe get some Jesus Juice in his system and starts the dance, while other family member coax uncle Joe with, “Go Joe, Go Joe, Go Joe”.

I happened to catch Jermaine Jackson on Peirs Morgan, Jermaine surmised that money and greed was at the core of Michael Jackson’s death, yet Jermaine was not offering his book, “You Are Not Alone” free to the public. Is it possible that Conrad Murray has done the African-American psyche a favor by having euthanized Mr. Jackson? African-Americans often speak of a divine God, yet have not once factored in the possibility that this Divine God ordained Michael Jackson’s death and put Michael Jackson’s destructive caricature to rest. Something else interesting to ponder, according to the Bible, Jesus Christ of two thousand years ago set on his cross and uttered the words, “Why have thou forsaken me?” I can answer that, because you, like Michael Jackson proved destructive and counterproductive to the frequency vibrations in the Universe.[size]=small

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