I received the following Bull-Shit email from:

Emily Seidel <email@digital.conservativeintel.com To: Hashim Bomani Thu, Jan 6 at 4:07 PM

Hey there, Right now, the demand for socialism is on the rise. That’s especially true among young people. Unfortunately, many of them have bought into the empty promises of socialism because of political leaders like Bernie Sanders and AOC. And they’ve accepted the lie that socialism is working in countries across the world. But everyone needs to know the truth about this impractical economic system. That’s why I’m emailing you today. The research and policy team at Americans for Prosperity recently worked together to expose the lies of socialism. Now, we’ve put their research into one concise and easy-to-read eBook called 10 Biggest Lies of Socialism. And I want to make sure you get a FREE copy today. Get here to get it now:http://americansforprosperity.org/10-biggest-lies-of-socialism-ebook/If you’ve been looking to debunk the lies of socialism with the evidence you can trust, this is the eBook for YOU. Our policy experts know what they are talking about. And I think you’ll find their commonsense guide to the false promises of socialism extremely valuable. Be sure to get your FREE copy here today: http://americansforprosperity.org/10-biggest-lies-of-socialism-ebook/I hope you enjoy your eBook. Best,— Emily

Emily Seidel
President and CEO
Americans for Prosperity

Hey Em,
You knock “socialism” with out explaining the current spikes in crime. Kim, Putin, Iran Supreme Leader, and Xi would never tolerate the lawlessness we currently are experiencing under “Democracy / A Republic”… These so-called “Backwards Nations” would not allow George Soros to bank roll their Judicial Systems… Furthermore Em, when was the last time your BIG BAD TAKE NO SHIT “INALIENABLE” showed up to stop a smash and grab, a car jacking, or how about where was your “INALIENABLE” to prevent the bullet from penetrating the head of a 6-year old child playing in their yard? Emily, please do not insult our intelligence.

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