Sir, remember Female Nature is a factor in this “CONVERSATION” if that’s what were calling this w/a female. It appears she is picking your brain, ask her is she willing the forfeit the child support she is currently receiving? Her “Birth Control Side effects” theory falls back on her NATURE… Tell her to woman up and chastise the fellow females who desire “equality” to take nothing from the man during a divorce… WOMAN UP! She should be given a reality check… That we as men do not have to deal with her kid and so-called “High IQ” because we men, can “MAN UP” and save our gig recourses and get our sexual & ego needs met via Sex Worker. No man want to take care of another mans seed… Woman Up w/ your “High IQ”, and study a male lion when he takes over a pride. Sir, you are “MANSPLAINING” way too much, take a breathe and let’s hear her bless us w/ the so-called “HIGH IQ” she proclaims she exudes. Sir, you sound like you are trying to empress her for a “PUMP & DUMP” or the start a relationship with her. Keep that winning her over BS offline!

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