Abiyah Israel is a so-called “former Police Officer and Sheriff’s Deputy”. Hence, this is why Low IQ Black Men are not trusted by the FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE. This Clown Abiyah Israel could be utilizing his time by training Low IQ Black people how to defend themselves from criminal in their communities. Instead, This Clown Abiyah Israel is attempting to gain brownie points with The Black Hebrew Israelites, The Woke Pronoun Brigade, BLM and Criminals by disrespecting the Police. Get outta here with this gotcha Bull-Shit… You have the RIGHT to walk through the Southside of Chicago on the weekends at around 12AM when your fellow “COMMUNITY MEMBERS” are shooting themselves. Mark these words, when THE SHIT HITS THE FAN, Abiyah Israel and the rest of his Low IQ Black Minions will be begging the Police to pull security in their neighborhoods… CAN YOU SAY UVALDI, TX?

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