As one can observe, Ms. Owens is highly equipped and capable of defending herself. But Whitlock’s Bull-Shit critique is such an overt pander that we must go after Bitch-Ass Whitlock with Extreme Prejudice.

Hence, is it possible the Bitch Ass Jason Whitlock did not know that BLACK LIVES MATTER was a fraud until Ms. Candace Owens revealed it in her Documentary? So, what is it with Mr. Whitlock? Who is he pandering too? In other words, what is stopping Mr. Whitlock from making his own Documentary, so he can show us all how it’s done. Funny, Mr. Whitlock got his panties in a wad over Ms. Candace Owens showing up at BLM Huckster, Patrisse Cullors’ $9.9 Manson wearing $50.00 Diamond Earrings. But we have never heard Mr. Whitlock utter one word about Snoop Dogg’s, Jay-Z’s and Big Sean’s contribution to the destruction of Black Male Masculinity.

Mr. Whitlock’ negative critique of Ms. Owens’ Documentary can only be excused as an extreme case of Pandering. In that, Mr. Whitlock can only be pandering to his Low IQ Black Audience who still believe that BLACK LIVES MATTER is the best thing since sliced bread. Or Mr. Whitlock is seeking a cut of the money BLACK LIVES MATTER stole from Black People and/or the duping of White People out of their money by coercing and shaming them into White Guilt. Get the F%ck out of here Mr. Whitlock! You’re a F%cking Joke. Bitch Ass Whitlock’s critique of Ms. Candace Owens is so asinine and hypocritical that it can be paralleled to Mr. Whitlock screeding warnings toward Lizzo to stop eating so much.  

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