Shut the hell up Ye and enjoy your $$$-BILLIONS!!! Yo YE, I highly recommend you study MJ’s “THIS IS IT” movie… They are egging you on and punking you towards your total demise, Like MJ, you’ll die and everyone get’s paid… Watch how MJ was egged on to perform in his movie, MJ never stepped on the tour bus but a whole lot of people got paid… Ye, they are egging you on and watching you emplode… “GENIUS” my ass! You see, Ye desires to claim “GENIUS” Status but he can’t… No self-proclaimed “GENIUS” wants to admit that he was set-up by his Baby-Momma. You can’t run around and profess that you are a “GENIUS” when 75% of your “GENIOUS” wealth is alotted to your ex-wife and kids… Ye, you should fall back as a minimalist and enjoy your life with the money Kim alots to you… Stop letting these outsiders egg you into an earlie grave like Mike… YO YE, I have my popcorn as I diligently watch you self-destruct… Oh yeah, both you and your Daddy Farrakhan need to leave those High IQ Jews alone!

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